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(NPC) Boochbeard.png
(NPC) Boochbeard 2.png

Description: Boochbeard is one of the pirates that finds Pirates locked away in the Brig in the Tutorial. Boochbeard and his friend, Mr. Gandry are very helpful throughout the game, providing Tutorial Tips and other helpful information for pirates.

The duo was featured in the April, 2013, Rogue's Gallery of the Pirate101 Newsletter: Boochbeard's exploits are legend in every corner of The Spiral. He's done most everything . . . except succeed. Nobody knows precisely where he came from and nobody ever recalls a time when he was young. As long as Buccaneers and Privateers have prowled the skies, Boochbeard has been there--always one scheme away from untold riches!

The Brig
Deck of the Erebus

Skull Island - Brig
Skull Island - Deck of the Erebus
Gives Quests:


Quest Goals: Ends Quests:

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