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NPC:Buffalo Bill

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(NPC) Buffalo Bill.png
(NPC) Buffalo Bill 2.png
(NPC) Buffalo Bill 3.png
(NPC) Buffalo Bill 4.png
Traveling Medicine Show
The Old Chirp Place
The Desert Rose
Old Jailhouse

Description: Member of the Magnificent Seven, stronger than an ox and meaner than a mountain lion. Bill was featured in the Rogue's Gallery of the September 2017 Pirate101 Newsletter:

The particulars of Bill's childhood and early life are not known – he never talks about the subject himself. What is clear is that Bill was raised outside of the various Bison Tribes of Cool Ranch, and indeed grew up Back East, where he served as an Army Scout in the War Between the Flocks. Bill's quick reflexes and deadly aim won him great fame, and he was even awarded the Coopgressional Medal of Honor.

After the war Bill returned to Cool Ranch, and spent years roaming the skyways, exploring every last nook and cranny of Cool Ranch. His exploits earned him great fame, and Bill found himself roaming from town to town, telling grand tales of his exploits and the features of Cool Ranch. At one of these stops Bill was approached by legendary lawman Wyatt Chirp, who needed help tracking down nefarious outlaw Sam Bass. The two hit it off, and Bill became a founding member of the Magnificent Seven.

After Wyatt's untimely end, Bill was overwhelmed with grief. He left the law behind and threw himself full time into his old occupation: traveling and telling tall tales. In time, he established a travelling show, full of wonders, attractions, and oddities from Cool Ranch and further places. By the time a famous young pirate came to Cool Ranch, Wild Bill's show was an institution. The Buffalo never imagined he'd leave his show behind, but a fateful wager would soon change all that...

Known as the following Companions:

Buffalo Bill (Bison Sheriff)
Buffalo Bill (Bison Marshal) (promotion at Level 60)

Cool Ranch - Traveling Medicine Show
Cool Ranch - The Old Chirp Place
Cool Ranch - The Old Chirp Place - Chirp Farmhouse
Cool Ranch - The Desert Rose
Cool Ranch - Old Jailhouse
All worlds - Taverns - Tavern Cellar
Gives Quests:

Pugilistic Integrity
Two Down...

Quest Goals:

The Contest of Champions (Buffalo Bill)

Ends Quests:

Trouble in Tumbleweed
Pugilistic Integrity
The Contest of Champions (Buffalo Bill)


Encountered as an Ally
in The Old Chirp Place
(NPC) Buffalo Bill-Combat 1.png
Level 31 - Bison (Musketeer)
Bison Sheriff
1,025 Health
Overwatch (Rank 1)

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