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NPC:Crown Shop

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(Icon) Crown Shop.png


The Crown Shop Icon is always located in the upper left corner of the game screen, and can be clicked on at any time. The Crown Shop sells a wide variety of items for every aspect of the game. Most items sell for Crowns, although many housing items can be bought for Gold. Most of this merchandise is not sold anywhere else, but some can be obtained in-the game or via special codes.

The inventory and prices of items in the Crown Shop are constantly changing during promotions or sales. Some items formerly sold by the Crown Shop have become retired, however, for special events they can return for a short time. Besides the "normal" game items like gear and ship equipment, the Crown Shop also allows you to buy Gold with Crowns, sells Elixirs that can improve your performance in the game, and is you where players can buy new Companions to add to their crew. There are also Booster Packs which will contain a variety of items for one price.

(Icon) Crown Shop Menu.png

The Crown Shop interface has many menu icons at the top, can be filtered to Usable Items, or swapped between a tile view and a list view. Each list view sub-menu can be sorted by type and price. Some item lists can be sorted by Pirate Class. On the right, in the preview window, if the Gold icon isn't grayed out, the item can be purchased with Gold. The red gift icon indicates the item can be purchased for an in-game friend on the Pirate's friends list. Clicking the "Buy" button will always bring up a confirmation window to prevent accidental spending of Crowns.

Accessing the Crown Shop during a battle will bring up only the Henchman purchasing section, allowing the player to "hire" a player-controlled character. The cost of these characters goes up for each of the various levels.

See Henchmen


The Crown Shop Icon is always located in the upper left corner of the game screen, next to the Menu Chat bubble icon.



Gold can be purchased using Crowns (although not many players feel the need to do so) in the following amounts:
1,000 Gold for 800 Crowns
3,000 Gold for 2,400 Crowns
5,000 Gold for 3,700 Crowns
10,000 Gold for 6,800 Crowns
25,000 Gold for 13,500 Crowns


Mounts are available in both Permanent and Rental options.


Crown Shop Companions are unlocked through questing.


Henchmen are only available for purchase during combat.


A large number of pets, including many seasonal pets, are included in the Crown Shop. Look for returning pets during holidays and special events.

Booster Packs

Booster Packs contain a variety of items for a set price. These packs tend to go on sale throughout the year. Housing packs are available for puchase with Gold.


Ships can be purchased here, but they aren't necessarily better than those acquired with gold.


All houses can be purchases with either Crowns or Gold.

Deeds for Sale

Buccaneer's Den7,500\75,000Crowns\Gold(House) Buccaneer's Den.png
Castaway's Refuge5,000\50,000Crowns\Gold(House) Castaway's Refuge.png
Commodore's Garrison (Privateer)10,000\100,000Crowns\Gold(House) Commodore's Garrison (Privateer).png
Haunted Grotto (Witchdoctor)10,000\100,000Crowns\Gold(House) Haunted Grotto (Witchdoctor).png
Rake's Lagoon (Swashbuckler)10,000\100,000Crowns\Gold(House) Rake's Lagoon (Swashbuckler).png
Sharpshooter's Citadel (Musketeer)10,000\100,000Crowns\Gold(House) Sharpshooter's Citadel (Musketeer).png
Skullrock Stronghold (Buccaneer)10,000\100,000Crowns\Gold(House) Skullrock Stronghold (Buccaneer).png
Smuggler's Cove10,000\100,000Crowns\Gold(House) Smuggler's Cove.png

Housing Items

NOTE: Teleporters are not purchased in the Housing Items section of the Crown Shop, but in the House section with Deeds.

Teleporters Decorations for Sale

Red Teleporter2,500Crowns(House) Red Teleporter.png
Green Teleporter2,500Crowns(House) Green Teleporter.png
Blue Teleporter2,500Crowns(House) Blue Teleporter.png
Orange Teleporter2,500Crowns(House) Orange Teleporter.png
Purple Teleporter2,500Crowns(House) Purple Teleporter.png
White Teleporter2,500Crowns(House) White Teleporter.png
Yellow Teleporter2,500Crowns(House) Yellow Teleporter.png
Cyan Teleporter2,500Crowns(House) Cyan Teleporter.png


Housing items in the Crown Shop change over time as holiday items come and go. Many Housing Items can be purchased with Gold as well as with Crowns.

Clothing (Hats, Outfits & Boots)

These items may or may not have a unique look, and may or may not be more powerful than items acquired in the game for the same level pirate.

Hats for Sale

ItemClassPriceCurrencyMale ImageFemale Image
[Obsidian Warlord's Jingasa (Level 70+)]Buccaneer2,750Crowns(Item) Obsidian Warlord's Jingasa (Level 70+) Male.png(Item) Obsidian Warlord's Jingasa (Level 70+) Female.png
[Dragon King's Kasa (Level 70+)]Musketeer2,750Crowns(Item) Dragon King's Kasa (Level 70+) Male.png(Item) Dragon King's Kasa (Level 70+) Female.png
[Sky Emperor's Kabuto (Level 70+)]Privateer2,750Crowns(Item) Sky Emperor's Kabuto (Level 70+) Male.png(Item) Sky Emperor's Kabuto (Level 70+) Female.png
[Midnight Shadow Veil (Level 70+)]Swashbuckler2,750Crowns(Item) Midnight Shadow Veil (Level 70+) Male.png(Item) Midnight Shadow Veil (Level 70+) Female.png
[Jade Mandarin's Crown (Level 70+)]Witchdoctor2,750Crowns(Item) Jade Mandarin's Crown (Level 70+) Male.png(Item) Jade Mandarin's Crown (Level 70+) Female.png
[Obsidian Warlord's Jingasa (Level 65+)]Buccaneer2,500Crowns(Item) Obsidian Warlord's Jingasa (Level 65+) Male.png(Item) Obsidian Warlord's Jingasa (Level 65+) Female.png
[Dragon King's Kasa (Level 65+)]Musketeer2,500Crowns(Item) Dragon King's Kasa (Level 65+) Male.png(Item) Dragon King's Kasa (Level 65+) Female.png
[Sky Emperor's Kabuto (Level 65+)]Privateer2,500Crowns(Item) Sky Emperor's Kabuto (Level 65+) Male.png(Item) Sky Emperor's Kabuto (Level 65+) Female.png
[Midnight Shadow Veil (Level 65+)]Swashbuckler2,500Crowns(Item) Midnight Shadow Veil (Level 65+) Male.png(Item) Midnight Shadow Veil (Level 65+) Female.png
[Jade Mandarin's Crown (Level 65+)]Witchdoctor2,500Crowns(Item) Jade Mandarin's Crown (Level 65+) Male.png(Item) Jade Mandarin's Crown (Level 65+) Female.png
[Obsidian Warlord's Jingasa (Level 60+)]Buccaneer2,250Crowns(Item) Obsidian Warlord's Jingasa (Level 60+) Male.png(Item) Obsidian Warlord's Jingasa (Level 60+) Female.png
[Dragon King's Kasa (Level 60+)]Musketeer2,250Crowns(Item) Dragon King's Kasa (Level 60+) Male.png(Item) Dragon King's Kasa (Level 60+) Female.png
[Sky Emperor's Kabuto (Level 60+)]Privateer2,250Crowns(Item) Sky Emperor's Kabuto (Level 60+) Male.png(Item) Sky Emperor's Kabuto (Level 60+) Female.png
[Midnight Shadow Veil (Level 60+)]Swashbuckler2,250Crowns(Item) Midnight Shadow Veil (Level 60+) Male.png(Item) Midnight Shadow Veil (Level 60+) Female.png
[Jade Mandarin's Crown (Level 60+)]Witchdoctor2,250Crowns(Item) Jade Mandarin's Crown (Level 60+) Male.png(Item) Jade Mandarin's Crown (Level 60+) Female.png
[Golden Daimyo's Jingasa]Buccaneer2,000Crowns(Item) Golden Daimyo's Jingasa Male.png(Item) Golden Daimyo's Jingasa Female.png
[Sunblazoned Helm]Musketeer2,000Crowns(Item) Sunblazoned Helm Male.png(Item) Sunblazoned Helm Female.png
[Silver Tiger Helmet]Privateer2,000Crowns(Item) Silver Tiger Helmet Male.png(Item) Silver Tiger Helmet Female.png
[Shadow Warrior Hood]Swashbuckler2,000Crowns(Item) Shadow Warrior Hood Male.png(Item) Shadow Warrior Hood Female.png
[Chrysanthemum Crown]Witchdoctor2,000Crowns(Item) Chrysanthemum Crown Male.png(Item) Chrysanthemum Crown Female.png
[Iron Samurai's Kasa]Buccaneer2,000Crowns(Item) Iron Samurai's Kasa Male.png(Item) Iron Samurai's Kasa Female.png
[Ruby Firebird Kasa]Musketeer2,000Crowns(Item) Ruby Firebird Kasa Male.png(Item) Ruby Firebird Kasa Female.png
[Black Tortoise Helmet]Privateer2,000Crowns(Item) Black Tortoise Helmet Male.png(Item) Black Tortoise Helmet Female.png
[Setting Moon Mask]Swashbuckler2,000Crowns(Item) Setting Moon Mask Male.png(Item) Setting Moon Mask Female.png
[Vermillion Bird Crown]Witchdoctor2,000Crowns(Item) Vermillion Bird Crown Male.png(Item) Vermillion Bird Crown Female.png
[Imperial Bailiff's Helm]Buccaneer1,750Crowns(Item) Imperial Bailiff's Helm Male.png(Item) Imperial Bailiff's Helm Female.png
[South Wind Shootist's Kasa]Musketeer1,750Crowns(Item) South Wind Shootist's Kasa Male.png(Item) South Wind Shootist's Kasa Female.png
[August Shogun's Kabuto]Privateer1,750Crowns(Item) August Shogun's Kabuto Male.png(Item) August Shogun's Kabuto Female.png
[Ninjitsu Master's Hood]Swashbuckler1,750Crowns(Item) Ninjitsu Master's Hood Male.png(Item) Ninjitsu Master's Hood Female.png
[Dread Geomancer's Crown]Witchdoctor1,750Crowns(Item) Dread Geomancer's Crown Male.png(Item) Dread Geomancer's Crown Female.png
[Magistrate's Jingasa]Buccaneer1,500Crowns(Item) Magistrate's Jingasa Male.png(Item) Magistrate's Jingasa Female.png
[Warlord's Hunting Kasa]Musketeer1,500Crowns(Item) Warlord's Hunting Kasa Male.png(Item) Warlord's Hunting Kasa Female.png
[Enlightened Bushi's Helm]Privateer1,500Crowns(Item) Enlightened Bushi's Helm Male.png(Item) Enlightened Bushi's Helm Female.png
[Kagemusha's Mask]Swashbuckler1,500Crowns(Item) Kagemusha's Mask Male.png(Item) Kagemusha's Mask Female.png
[Onmyodo Crown]Witchdoctor1,500Crowns(Item) Onmyodo Crown Male.png(Item) Onmyodo Crown Female.png
[Imperial Protector's Jingasa]Buccaneer1,300Crowns(Item) Imperial Protector's Jingasa Male.png(Item) Imperial Protector's Jingasa Female.png
[Dragonfire Kasa]Musketeer1,300Crowns(Item) Dragonfire Kasa Male.png(Item) Dragonfire Kasa Female.png
[Celestial Dragon Kabuto]Privateer1,300Crowns(Item) Celestial Dragon Kabuto Male.png(Item) Celestial Dragon Kabuto Female.png
[Veil of the Grandmaster]Swashbuckler1,300Crowns(Item) Veil of the Grandmaster Male.png(Item) Veil of the Grandmaster Female.png
[Estimable Oni Crown]Witchdoctor1,300Crowns(Item) Estimable Oni Crown Male.png(Item) Estimable Oni Crown Female.png
[Dream Warrior's Crest]Buccaneer1,100Crowns(Item) Dream Warrior's Crest Male.png(Item) Dream Warrior's Crest Female.png
[Night Raider's Cover]Musketeer1,100Crowns(Item) Night Raider's Cover Male.png(Item) Night Raider's Cover Female.png
[Regimental Stetson]Privateer1,100Crowns(Item) Regimental Stetson Male.png(Item) Regimental Stetson Female.png
[Highway Agent's Hat]Swashbuckler1,100Crowns(Item) Highway Agent's Hat Male.png(Item) Highway Agent's Hat Female.png
[Totem Shaman's Crown]Witchdoctor1,100Crowns(Item) Totem Shaman's Crown Male.png(Item) Totem Shaman's Crown Female.png
[Champion's Warbonnet]Buccaneer900Crowns(Item) Champion's Warbonnet Male.png(Item) Champion's Warbonnet Female.png
[7th Cavalry Cover]Musketeer900Crowns(Item) 7th Cavalry Cover Male.png(Item) 7th Cavalry Cover Female.png
[Old West Cavalier's Hat]Privateer900Crowns(Item) Old West Cavalier's Hat Male.png(Item) Old West Cavalier's Hat Female.png
[The Gambler's Slouch Hat]Swashbuckler900Crowns(Item) The Gambler's Slouch Hat Male.png(Item) The Gambler's Slouch Hat Female.png
[Medicine Elder's Bonnet]Witchdoctor900Crowns(Item) Medicine Elder's Bonnet Male.png(Item) Medicine Elder's Bonnet Female.png
[Barbarossa's Heavy Helm]Buccaneer700Crowns125x125px(Item) Barbarossa's Heavy Helm Female.png
[D'Artagnan's Gran Chapeau]Musketeer700Crowns(Item) D'Artagnan's Gran Chapeau Male.png(Item) D'Artagnan's Gran Chapeau Female.png
[Helm of the Pirate Main]Privateer700Crowns(Item) Helm of the Pirate Main Male.png(Item) Helm of the Pirate Main Female.png
[The Piracy Crown]Swashbuckler700Crowns(Item) The Piracy Crown Male.png(Item) The Piracy Crown Female.png
[Red Serpent Feathers]Witchdoctor700Crowns(Item) Red Serpent Feathers Male.png(Item) Red Serpent Feathers Female.png
[Skull Mountaineer's Morion]Buccaneer500Crowns(Item) Skull Mountaineer's Morion Male.png(Item) Skull Mountaineer's Morion Female.png
[Sparkbusier's Plume]Musketeer500Crowns(Item) Sparkbusier's Plume Male.png(Item) Sparkbusier's Plume Female.png
[Pirate Paladin's Cabasset]Privateer500Crowns(Item) Pirate Paladin's Cabasset Male.png(Item) Pirate Paladin's Cabasset Female.png
[Dashing Rogue's Hat]Swashbuckler500Crowns(Item) Dashing Rogue's Hat Male.png(Item) Dashing Rogue's Hat Female.png
[Ghostwailer's Stovepipe]Witchdoctor500Crowns(Item) Ghostwailer's Stovepipe Male.png(Item) Ghostwailer's Stovepipe Female.png
[The Outlander]Any400Crowns(Item) The Outlander Male.png(Item) The Outlander Female.png
[The Pirate]Any400Crowns(Item) The Pirate Male.png(Item) The Pirate Female.png
[The Giraffe]Any400Crowns(Item) The Giraffe Male.png(Item) The Giraffe Female.png
[The Unicorn]Any400Crowns(Item) The Unicorn Male.png(Item) The Unicorn Female.png

Outfits for Sale

ItemClassPriceCurrencyMale ImageFemale Image
[Obsidian Warlord's Yoroi (Level 70+)]Buccaneer3,500Crowns(Item) Obsidian Warlord's Yoroi (Level 70+) Male.png(Item) Obsidian Warlord's Yoroi (Level 70+) Female.png
[Dragon King's Armor (Level 70+)]Musketeer3,500Crowns(Item) Dragon King's Armor (Level 70+) Male.png(Item) Dragon King's Armor (Level 70+) Female.png
[Sky Emperor's Armor (Level 70+)]Privateer3,500Crowns(Item) Sky Emperor's Armor (Level 70+) Male.png(Item) Sky Emperor's Armor (Level 70+) Female.png
[Midnight Shadow Shozoku (Level 70+)]Swashbuckler3,500Crowns(Item) Midnight Shadow Shozoku (Level 70+) Male.png(Item) Midnight Shadow Shozoku (Level 70+) Female.png
[Jade Mandarin's Kimono (Level 70+)]Witchdoctor3,500Crowns(Item) Jade Mandarin's Kimono (Level 70+) Male.png(Item) Jade Mandarin's Kimono (Level 70+) Female.png
[Obsidian Warlord's Yoroi (Level 65+)]Buccaneer3,250Crowns(Item) Obsidian Warlord's Yoroi (Level 65+) Male.png(Item) Obsidian Warlord's Yoroi (Level 65+) Female.png
[Dragon King's Armor (Level 65+)]Musketeer3,250Crowns(Item) Dragon King's Armor (Level 65+) Male.png(Item) Dragon King's Armor (Level 65+) Female.png
[Sky Emperor's Armor (Level 65+)]Privateer3,250Crowns(Item) Sky Emperor's Armor (Level 65+) Male.png(Item) Sky Emperor's Armor (Level 65+) Female.png
[Midnight Shadow Shozoku (Level 65+)]Swashbuckler3,250Crowns(Item) Midnight Shadow Shozoku (Level 65+) Male.png(Item) Midnight Shadow Shozoku (Level 65+) Female.png
[Jade Mandarin's Kimono (Level 65+)]Witchdoctor3,250Crowns(Item) Jade Mandarin's Kimono (Level 65+) Male.png(Item) Jade Mandarin's Kimono (Level 65+) Female.png
[Obsidian Warlord's Yoroi (Level 60+)]Buccaneer3,000Crowns(Item) Obsidian Warlord's Yoroi (Level 60+) Male.png(Item) Obsidian Warlord's Yoroi (Level 60+) Female.png
[Dragon King's Armor (Level 60+)]Musketeer3,000Crowns(Item) Dragon King's Armor (Level 60+) Male.png(Item) Dragon King's Armor (Level 60+) Female.png
[Sky Emperor's Armor (Level 60+)]Privateer3,000Crowns(Item) Sky Emperor's Armor (Level 60+) Male.png(Item) Sky Emperor's Armor (Level 60+) Female.png
[Midnight Shadow Shozoku (Level 60+)]Swashbuckler3,000Crowns(Item) Midnight Shadow Shozoku (Level 60+) Male.png(Item) Midnight Shadow Shozoku (Level 60+) Female.png
[Jade Mandarin's Kimono (Level 60+)]Witchdoctor3,000Crowns(Item) Jade Mandarin's Kimono (Level 60+) Male.png(Item) Jade Mandarin's Kimono (Level 60+) Female.png
[Golden Daimyo's Armor]Buccaneer2,750Crowns(Item) Golden Daimyo's Armor Male.png(Item) Golden Daimyo's Armor Female.png
[Sunblazoned Corselet]Musketeer2,750Crowns(Item) Sunblazoned Corselet Male.png(Item) Sunblazoned Corselet Female.png
[Silver Tiger Yoroi]Privateer2,750Crowns(Item) Silver Tiger Yoroi Male.png(Item) Silver Tiger Yoroi Female.png
[Shadow Warrior Robe]Swashbuckler2,750Crowns(Item) Shadow Warrior Robe Male.png(Item) Shadow Warrior Robe Female.png
[Chrysanthemum Robes]Witchdoctor2,750Crowns(Item) Chrysanthemum Robes Male.png(Item) Chrysanthemum Robes Female.png
[Iron Samurai's O-Yoroi]Buccaneer2,750Crowns(Item) Iron Samurai's O-Yoroi Male.png(Item) Iron Samurai's O-Yoroi Female.png
[Ruby Firebird Garb]Musketeer2,750Crowns(Item) Ruby Firebird Garb Male.png(Item) Ruby Firebird Garb Female.png
[Black Tortoise Shell]Privateer2,750Crowns(Item) Black Tortoise Shell Male.png(Item) Black Tortoise Shell Female.png
[Setting Moon Array]Swashbuckler2,750Crowns(Item) Setting Moon Array Male.png(Item) Setting Moon Array Female.png
[Vermillion Bird Robes]Witchdoctor2,750Crowns(Item) Vermillion Bird Robes Male.png(Item) Vermillion Bird Robes Female.png
[Imperial Bailiff's Yoroi]Buccaneer2,500Crowns(Item) Imperial Bailiff's Yoroi Male.png(Item) Imperial Bailiff's Yoroi Female.png
[South Wind Shootist's Garb]Musketeer2,500Crowns(Item) South Wind Shootist's Garb Male.png(Item) South Wind Shootist's Garb Female.png
[August Shogun's Armor]Privateer2,500Crowns(Item) August Shogun's Armor Male.png(Item) August Shogun's Armor Female.png
[Ninjitsu Master's Array]Swashbuckler2,500Crowns(Item) Ninjitsu Master's Array Male.png(Item) Ninjitsu Master's Array Female.png
[Dread Geomancer's Kimono]Witchdoctor2,500Crowns(Item) Dread Geomancer's Kimono Male.png(Item) Dread Geomancer's Kimono Female.png
[Magistrate's O-Yoroi]Buccaneer2,250Crowns(Item) Magistrate's O-Yoroi Male.png(Item) Magistrate's O-Yoroi Female.png
[Warlord's Hunting Jacket]Musketeer2,250Crowns(Item) Warlord's Hunting Jacket Male.png(Item) Warlord's Hunting Jacket Female.png
[Enlightened Bushi's Armor]Privateer2,250Crowns(Item) Enlightened Bushi's Armor Male.png(Item) Enlightened Bushi's Armor Female.png
[Kagemusha's Vestment]Swashbuckler2,250Crowns(Item) Kagemusha's Vestment Male.png(Item) Kagemusha's Vestment Female.png
[Onmyodo Robe]Witchdoctor2,250Crowns(Item) Onmyodo Robe Male.png(Item) Onmyodo Robe Female.png
[Imperial Protector's O-Yoroi]Buccaneer1,950Crowns(Item) Imperial Protector's O-Yoroi Male.png(Item) Imperial Protector's O-Yoroi Female.png
[Honored Dragonfire Kataginu]Musketeer1,950Crowns(Item) Honored Dragonfire Kataginu Male.png(Item) Honored Dragonfire Kataginu Female.png
[Celestial Dragon's Hotokedo]Privateer1,950Crowns(Item) Celestial Dragon's Hotokedo Male.png(Item) Celestial Dragon's Hotokedo Female.png
[Grandmaster Shinobi's Shozoku]Swashbuckler1,950Crowns(Item) Grandmaster Shinobi's Shozoku Male.png(Item) Grandmaster Shinobi's Shozoku Female.png
[Estimable Oni Master Robes]Witchdoctor1,950Crowns(Item) Estimable Oni Master Robes Male.png(Item) Estimable Oni Master Robes Female.png
[Dream Warrior's Robes]Buccaneer1,650Crowns(Item) Dream Warrior's Robes Male.png(Item) Dream Warrior's Robes Female.png
[Night Raider's Bandolier]Musketeer1,650Crowns(Item) Night Raider's Bandolier Male.png(Item) Night Raider's Bandolier Female.png
[Regimental Frock Coat]Privateer1,650Crowns(Item) Regimental Frock Coat Male.png(Item) Regimental Frock Coat Female.png
[Highway Agent's Jacket]Swashbuckler1,650Crowns(Item) Highway Agent's Jacket Male.png(Item) Highway Agent's Jacket Female.png
[Totem Shaman's Robes]Witchdoctor1,650Crowns(Item) Totem Shaman's Robes Male.png(Item) Totem Shaman's Robes Female.png
[Big Sky Champion's Mantle]Buccaneer1,350Crowns
Error creating thumbnail: File seems to be missing: /home/joepc2fzudg7/public_html/pirate/w/images/7/74/(Item)_Big_Sky_Champion's_Mantle_Male.png
(Item) Big Sky Champion's Mantle Female.png
[7th Cavalry Raider's Gear]Musketeer1,350Crowns(Item) 7th Cavalry Raider's Gear Male.png(Item) 7th Cavalry Raider's Gear Female.png
[Old West Cavalier's Kit]Privateer1,350Crowns(Item) Old West Cavalier's Kit Male.png(Item) Old West Cavalier's Kit Female.png
[Steamboat Gambler's Gear]Swashbuckler1,350Crowns(Item) Steamboat Gambler's Gear Male.png(Item) Steamboat Gambler's Gear Female.png
[Medicine Elder's Buckskins]Witchdoctor1,350Crowns(Item) Medicine Elder's Buckskins Male.png(Item) Medicine Elder's Buckskins Female.png
[Arms of Barbarossa]Buccaneer1,050Crowns(Item) Arms of Barbarossa Male.png(Item) Arms of Barbarossa Female.png
[D'Artagnan's Dress Coat]Musketeer1,050Crowns(Item) D'Artagnan's Dress Coat Male.png(Item) D'Artagnan's Dress Coat Female.png
[Armor of the Pirate Main]Privateer1,050Crowns(Item) Armor of the Pirate Main Male.png(Item) Armor of the Pirate Main Female.png
[Articles of Piracy]Swashbuckler1,050Crowns(Item) Articles of Piracy Male.png(Item) Articles of Piracy Female.png
[Array of the Red Serpent]Witchdoctor1,050Crowns(Item) Array of the Red Serpent Male.png(Item) Array of the Red Serpent Female.png
[Skull Mountaineer's Mail]Buccaneer750Crowns(Item) Skull Mountaineer's Mail Male.png(Item) Skull Mountaineer's Mail Female.png
[Sparkbusier's Finery]Musketeer750Crowns(Item) Sparkbusier's Finery Male.png(Item) Sparkbusier's Finery Female.png
[Pirate Paladin's Plate]Privateer750Crowns(Item) Pirate Paladin's Plate Male.png(Item) Pirate Paladin's Plate Female.png
[Dashing Rogue's Gear]Swashbuckler750Crowns(Item) Dashing Rogue's Gear Male.png(Item) Dashing Rogue's Gear Female.png
[Ghostwailer's Get-Up]Witchdoctor750Crowns(Item) Ghostwailer's Get-Up Male.png(Item) Ghostwailer's Get-Up Female.png

Boots for Sale

ItemClassPriceCurrencyMale ImageFemale Image
[Midnight Shadow Tabi (Level 70+)]Any2,750Crowns(Item) Midnight Shadow Tabi (Level 70+) Male.png(Item) Midnight Shadow Tabi (Level 70+) Female.png
[Sky Emperor's Sandals (Level 70+)]Any2,750Crowns(Item) Sky Emperor's Sandals (Level 70+) Male.png(Item) Sky Emperor's Sandals (Level 70+) Female.png
[Obsidian Warlord's Boots (Level 70+)]Any2,750Crowns(Item) Obsidian Warlord's Boots (Level 70+) Male.png(Item) Obsidian Warlord's Boots (Level 70+) Female.png
[Jade Mandarin's Geta (Level 70+)]Any2,750Crowns(Item) Jade Mandarin's Geta (Level 70+) Male.png(Item) Jade Mandarin's Geta (Level 70+) Female.png
[Dragon King's Shoes (Level 70+)]Any2,750Crowns(Item) Dragon King's Shoes (Level 70+) Male.png(Item) Dragon King's Shoes (Level 70+) Female.png
[Midnight Shadow Tabi (Level 65+)]Any2,500Crowns(Item) Midnight Shadow Tabi (Level 65+) Male.png(Item) Midnight Shadow Tabi (Level 65+) Female.png
[Sky Emperor's Sandals (Level 65+)]Any2,500Crowns(Item) Sky Emperor's Sandals (Level 65+) Male.png(Item) Sky Emperor's Sandals (Level 65+) Female.png
[Obsidian Warlord's Boots (Level 65+)]Any2,500Crowns(Item) Obsidian Warlord's Boots (Level 65+) Male.png(Item) Obsidian Warlord's Boots (Level 65+) Female.png
[Jade Mandarin's Geta (Level 65+)]Any2,500Crowns(Item) Jade Mandarin's Geta (Level 65+) Male.png(Item) Jade Mandarin's Geta (Level 65+) Female.png
[Dragon King's Shoes (Level 65+)]Any2,500Crowns(Item) Dragon King's Shoes (Level 65+) Male.png(Item) Dragon King's Shoes (Level 65+) Female.png
[Obsidian Warlord's Boots (Level 60+)]Buccaneer2,250Crowns(Item) Obsidian Warlord's Boots (Level 60+) Male.png(Item) Obsidian Warlord's Boots (Level 60+) Female.png
[Dragon King's Shoes (Level 60+)]Musketeer2,250Crowns(Item) Dragon King's Shoes (Level 60+) Male.png(Item) Dragon King's Shoes (Level 60+) Female.png
[Sky Emperor's Sandals (Level 60+)]Privateer2,250Crowns(Item) Sky Emperor's Sandals (Level 60+) Male.png(Item) Sky Emperor's Sandals (Level 60+) Female.png
[Midnight Shadow Tabi (Level 60+)]Swashbuckler2,250Crowns(Item) Midnight Shadow Tabi (Level 60+) Male.png(Item) Midnight Shadow Tabi (Level 60+) Female.png
[Jade Mandarin's Geta (Level 60+)]Witchdoctor2,250Crowns(Item) Jade Mandarin's Geta (Level 60+) Male.png(Item) Jade Mandarin's Geta (Level 60+) Female.png
[Golden Daimyo's Tabi]Buccaneer2,000Crowns(Item) Golden Daimyo's Tabi Male.png(Item) Golden Daimyo's Tabi Female.png
[Sunblazoned Boots]Musketeer2,000Crowns(Item) Sunblazoned Boots Male.png(Item) Sunblazoned Boots Female.png
[Silver Tiger Tabi]Privateer2,000Crowns(Item) Silver Tiger Tabi Male.png(Item) Silver Tiger Tabi Female.png
[Shadow Warrior Geta]Swashbuckler2,000Crowns(Item) Shadow Warrior Geta Male.png(Item) Shadow Warrior Geta Female.png
[Chrysanthemum Wraps]Witchdoctor2,000Crowns(Item) Chrysanthemum Wraps Male.png(Item) Chrysanthemum Wraps Female.png
[Iron Samurai's Boots]Buccaneer2,000Crowns(Item) Iron Samurai's Boots Male.png(Item) Iron Samurai's Boots Female.png
[Ruby Firebird Wraps]Musketeer2,000Crowns(Item) Ruby Firebird Wraps Male.png(Item) Ruby Firebird Wraps Female.png
[Black Tortoise Geta]Privateer2,000Crowns(Item) Black Tortoise Geta Male.png(Item) Black Tortoise Geta Female.png
[Setting Moon Tabi]Swashbuckler2,000Crowns(Item) Setting Moon Tabi Male.png(Item) Setting Moon Tabi Female.png
[Vermillion Bird Sandals]Witchdoctor2,000Crowns(Item) Vermillion Bird Sandals Male.png(Item) Vermillion Bird Sandals Female.png
[Imperial Bailiff's Greaves]Buccaneer1,750Crowns(Item) Imperial Bailiff's Greaves Male.png(Item) Imperial Bailiff's Greaves Female.png
[South Wind Shootist's Boots]Musketeer1,750Crowns(Item) South Wind Shootist's Boots Male.png(Item) South Wind Shootist's Boots Female.png
[August Shogun's Geta]Privateer1,750Crowns(Item) August Shogun's Geta Male.png(Item) August Shogun's Geta Female.png
[Ninjitsu Master's Tabi]Swashbuckler1,750Crowns(Item) Ninjitsu Master's Tabi Male.png(Item) Ninjitsu Master's Tabi Female.png
[Dread Geomancer's Wraps]Witchdoctor1,750Crowns(Item) Dread Geomancer's Wraps Male.png(Item) Dread Geomancer's Wraps Female.png
[Magistrate's Tabi]Buccaneer1,500Crowns(Item) Magistrate's Tabi Male.png(Item) Magistrate's Tabi Female.png
[Warlord's Hunting Boots]Musketeer1,500Crowns(Item) Warlord's Hunting Boots Male.png(Item) Warlord's Hunting Boots Female.png
[Enlightened Bushi's Geta]Privateer1,500Crowns(Item) Enlightened Bushi's Geta Male.png(Item) Enlightened Bushi's Geta Female.png
[Kagemusha's Tabi]Swashbuckler1,500Crowns(Item) Kagemusha's Tabi Male.png(Item) Kagemusha's Tabi Female.png
[Onmyodo Boots]Witchdoctor1,500Crowns(Item) Onmyodo Boots Male.png(Item) Onmyodo Boots Female.png
[Imperial Protector's Kogake]Buccaneer1,300Crowns(Item) Imperial Protector's Kogake Male.png(Item) Imperial Protector's Kogake Female.png
[Boots of Dragonfire]Musketeer1,300Crowns(Item) Boots of Dragonfire Male.png(Item) Boots of Dragonfire Female.png
[Celestial Dragon Karuta]Privateer1,300Crowns(Item) Celestial Dragon Karuta Male.png(Item) Celestial Dragon Karuta Female.png
[Shinobi's Ebon Tabi]Swashbuckler1,300Crowns(Item) Shinobi's Ebon Tabi Male.png(Item) Shinobi's Ebon Tabi Female.png
[Estimable Oni Boots]Witchdoctor1,300Crowns(Item) Estimable Oni Boots Male.png(Item) Estimable Oni Boots Female.png
[Dream Warrior's Wraps]Buccaneer1,100Crowns(Item) Dream Warrior's Wraps Male.png(Item) Dream Warrior's Wraps Female.png
[Night Raider's Boots]Musketeer1,100Crowns(Item) Night Raider's Boots Male.png(Item) Night Raider's Boots Female.png
[Regimental Frock Boots]Privateer1,100Crowns(Item) Regimental Frock Boots Male.png(Item) Regimental Frock Boots Female.png
[Highway Agent's Spurs]Swashbuckler1,100Crowns(Item) Highway Agent's Spurs Male.png(Item) Highway Agent's Spurs Female.png
[Totem Shaman's Mukluks]Witchdoctor1,100Crowns(Item) Totem Shaman's Mukluks Male.png(Item) Totem Shaman's Mukluks Female.png
[Big Sky Champion's Mukluks]Buccaneer900Crowns(Item) Big Sky Champion's Mukluks Male.png(Item) Big Sky Champion's Mukluks Female.png
[7th Cavalry Raiding Boots]Musketeer900Crowns(Item) 7th Cavalry Raiding Boots Male.png(Item) 7th Cavalry Raiding Boots Female.png
[Old West Cavalier's Boots]Privateer900Crowns(Item) Old West Cavalier's Boots Male.png(Item) Old West Cavalier's Boots Female.png
[The Gambler's Riding Boots]Swashbuckler900Crowns(Item) The Gambler's Riding Boots Male.png(Item) The Gambler's Riding Boots Female.png
[Medicine Elder's Mukluks]Witchdoctor900Crowns(Item) Medicine Elder's Mukluks Male.png(Item) Medicine Elder's Mukluks Female.png
[Barbarossa's Grisly Greaves]Buccaneer700Crowns(Item) Barbarossa's Grisly Greaves Male.png(Item) Barbarossa's Grisly Greaves Female.png
[D'Artagnan's Dress Boots]Musketeer700Crowns(Item) D'Artagnan's Dress Boots Male.png(Item) D'Artagnan's Dress Boots Female.png
[Boots of the Pirate Main]Privateer700Crowns(Item) Boots of the Pirate Main Male.png(Item) Boots of the Pirate Main Female.png
[The Brogues of Piracy]Swashbuckler700Crowns(Item) The Brogues of Piracy Male.png(Item) The Brogues of Piracy Female.png
[Buskins of the Red Serpent]Witchdoctor700Crowns
Error creating thumbnail: File seems to be missing: /home/joepc2fzudg7/public_html/pirate/w/images/e/ef/(Item)_Buskins_of_the_Red_Serpent_Male.png
(Item) Buskins of the Red Serpent Female.png
[Skull Mountaineer's Greaves]Buccaneer500Crowns(Item) Skull Mountaineer's Greaves Male.png(Item) Skull Mountaineer's Greaves Female.png
[Sparkbusier's Brogues]Musketeer500Crowns(Item) Sparkbusier's Brogues Male.png(Item) Sparkbusier's Brogues Female.png
[Pirate Paladin's Sabatons]Privateer500Crowns(Item) Pirate Paladin's Sabatons Male.png(Item) Pirate Paladin's Sabatons Female.png
[Dashing Rogue's Spats]Swashbuckler500Crowns(Item) Dashing Rogue's Spats Male.png(Item) Dashing Rogue's Spats Female.png
[Ghostwailer's Moccasins]Witchdoctor500Crowns(Item) Ghostwailer's Moccasins Male.png(Item) Ghostwailer's Moccasins Female.png

Trinkets (Accessories, Totems, Charms & Rings)

Accessories are visible on the pirate character, and are usually used for stitching purposes, the other trinkets are invisible items.

Accessories for Sale

[The Revenger]Any250Crowns(Item) The Revenger.png
[The Gentleman]Any150Crowns(Item) The Gentleman.png
[The Morpheus]Any150Crowns(Item) The Morpheus.png
[The Sunspot]Any150Crowns(Item) The Sunspot.png
[The Super Slick]Any200Crowns(Item) The Super Slick.png
[Infiltrator]Any200Crowns(Item) Infiltrator.png
[Tigertron]Any150Crowns(Item) Tigertron.png
[Pirate's Eyepatch]Any75Crowns(Item) Pirate's Eyepatch.png
[Scallywag's Patch]Any350Crowns(Item) Scallywag's Patch.png
[Patch of the Lost Corsair]Any500Crowns(Item) Patch of the Lost Corsair.png
[Kidd's Doubloon Patch]Any750Crowns(Item) Kidd's Doubloon Patch.png
[Deadeye's Patch]Any1,250Crowns(Item) Deadeye's Patch.png
[Dragon King's Patch]Any1,750Crowns(Item) Dragon King's Patch.png
[Spaniel's Cross]Any2,000Crowns(Item) Spaniel's Cross.png
[Heeler's Cross]Any2,000Crowns(Item) Heeler's Cross.png
[Patch of St. Fido]Any2,250Crowns(Item) Patch of St. Fido.png
[Jack O'Lantern]Any250Crowns(Item) Jack O'Lantern.png
[Jack O'Lantern Eyepatch]Any100Crowns(Item) Jack O'Lantern Eyepatch.png
[Autumn Eyepatch]Any100Crowns(Item) Autumn Eyepatch.png
[Birthday Eyepatch]Any100Crowns(Item) Birthday Eyepatch.png
[Eyepatch Number Ten]Any100Crowns(Item) Eyepatch Number Ten.png
[Clover Leaf Eyepatch]Any100Crowns(Item) Clover Leaf Eyepatch.png
[Magic Friendship Mask]Any350Crowns(Item) Magic Friendship Mask.png
[Mascarilla de Muerto]Any250Crowns(Item) Mascarilla de Muerto.png
[Patcho de Mayo]Any100Crowns(Item) Patcho de Mayo.png
[Rainbow Friendship Mask]Any350Crowns(Item) Rainbow Friendship Mask.png
[Snowflake Eyepatch]Any100Crowns(Item) Snowflake Eyepatch.png
[Summer Daisy Eyepatch]Any100Crowns(Item) Summer Daisy Eyepatch.png
[Thanksgiving Eyepatch]Any100Crowns(Item) Thanksgiving Eyepatch.png
[The Engineer's Visor]Any250Crowns(Item) The Engineer's Visor.png
[The Steamier Punk]Any350Crowns(Item) The Steamier Punk.png
[Vorpal Bunny]Any150Crowns(Item) Vorpal Bunny.png
[Crossbones Eyepatch]Any100Crowns(Item) Crossbones Eyepatch.png
[Valentine's Day Eyepatch]Any100Crowns(Item) Valentine's Day Eyepatch.png
[Spring Leaf Eyepatch]Any100Crowns(Item) Spring Leaf Eyepatch.png
[Last Warrior]Any250Crowns(Item) Last Warrior.png
[Wind Dancer]Any250Crowns(Item) Wind Dancer.png
[Starfighter]Any250Crowns(Item) Starfighter.png
[Luchador]Any250Crowns(Item) Luchador.png
[X-Factor]Any250Crowns(Item) X-Factor.png
[Fury]Any250Crowns(Item) Fury.png
[New Wave]Any250Crowns(Item) New Wave.png
[Falcon]Any250Crowns(Item) Falcon.png
[Shadow Warrior]Any250Crowns(Item) Shadow Warrior.png
[Kabuki]Any250Crowns(Item) Kabuki.png

Totems for Sale

[Eye of Ursus Banner]Any1,500Crowns(Item) Eye of Ursus Banner.png

Charms for Sale

[Mojo Pendant]Any750Crowns(Item) Mojo Pendant.png

Rings for Sale

[Livsey's Ring]Any2,000Crowns(Item) Livsey's Ring.png
[Parents' Signet Ring]Any75Crowns(Item) Parents' Signet Ring.png


Many different weapons are available for all levels in the Crown Shop, and they will have unique appearances, but may or may not be better than weapons available in the game through questing.

Weapons for Sale

[Fluria's Flamberge (Level 1+)]Any1,500Crowns(Item) Fluria's Flamberge (Level 1+).png
[Fluria's Flamberge (Level 10+)]Any2,250Crowns(Item) Fluria's Flamberge (Level 10+).png
[Fluria's Flamberge (Level 20+)]Any2,750Crowns(Item) Fluria's Flamberge (Level 20+).png
[Fluria's Flamberge (Level 30+)]Any3,250Crowns(Item) Fluria's Flamberge (Level 30+).png
[Fluria's Flamberge (Level 35+)]Any3,750Crowns(Item) Fluria's Flamberge (Level 35+).png
[Fluria's Flamberge (Level 40+)]Any4,250Crowns(Item) Fluria's Flamberge (Level 40+).png
[Fluria's Flamberge (Level 45+)]Any4,750Crowns(Item) Fluria's Flamberge (Level 45+).png
[Fluria's Flamberge (Level 55+)]Any5,250Crowns(Item) Fluria's Flamberge (Level 55+).png
[Fluria's Flamberge (Level 60+)]Any5,500Crowns(Item) Fluria's Flamberge (Level 60+).png
[Fluria's Flamberge (Level 65+)]Any5,750Crowns(Item) Fluria's Flamberge (Level 65+).png
[Fluria's Flamberge (Level 70+)]Any6,000Crowns(Item) Fluria's Flamberge (Level 70+).png
[Boarding Knives (Level 1+)]Any1,500Crowns(Item) Boarding Knives (Level 1+).png
[Boarding Knives (Level 10+)]Any2,250Crowns(Item) Boarding Knives (Level 10+).png
[Boarding Knives (Level 20+)]Any2,750Crowns(Item) Boarding Knives (Level 20+).png
[Boarding Knives (Level 30+)]Any3,250Crowns(Item) Boarding Knives (Level 30+).png
[Boarding Knives (Level 35+)]Any3,750Crowns(Item) Boarding Knives (Level 35+).png
[Boarding Knives (Level 40+)]Any4,250Crowns(Item) Boarding Knives (Level 40+).png
[Boarding Knives (Level 45+)]Any4,750Crowns(Item) Boarding Knives (Level 45+).png
[Boarding Knives (Level 50+)]Any5,000Crowns(Item) Boarding Knives (Level 50+).png
[Boarding Knives (Level 55+)]Any5,250Crowns(Item) Boarding Knives (Level 55+).png
[Boarding Knives (Level 60+)]Any5,500Crowns(Item) Boarding Knives (Level 60+).png
[Boarding Knives (Level 65+)]Any5,750Crowns(Item) Boarding Knives (Level 65+).png
[Boarding Knives (Level 70+)]Any6,000Crowns(Item) Boarding Knives (Level 70+).png
[Sea Sheller (Level 1+)]Any1,500Crowns(Item) Sea Sheller (Level 1+).png
[Sea Sheller (Level 10+)]Any2,250Crowns(Item) Sea Sheller (Level 10+).png
[Sea Sheller (Level 20+)]Any2,750Crowns(Item) Sea Sheller (Level 20+).png
[Sea Sheller (Level 30+)]Any3,250Crowns(Item) Sea Sheller (Level 30+).png
[Sea Sheller (Level 35+)]Any3,750Crowns(Item) Sea Sheller (Level 35+).png
[Sea Sheller (Level 40+)]Any4,250Crowns(Item) Sea Sheller (Level 40+).png
[Sea Sheller (Level 45+)]Any4,750Crowns(Item) Sea Sheller (Level 45+).png
[Sea Sheller (Level 50+)]Any5,000Crowns(Item) Sea Sheller (Level 50+).png
[Sea Sheller (Level 55+)]Any5,250Crowns(Item) Sea Sheller (Level 55+).png
[Sea Sheller (Level 60+)]Any5,500Crowns(Item) Sea Sheller (Level 60+).png
[Sea Sheller (Level 65+)]Any5,750Crowns(Item) Sea Sheller (Level 65+).png
[Sea Sheller (Level 70+)]Any6,000Crowns(Item) Sea Sheller (Level 70+).png
[Swivel Gun (Level 1+)]Any1,500Crowns(Item) Swivel Gun (Level 1+).png
[Swivel Gun (Level 10+)]Any2,250Crowns(Item) Swivel Gun (Level 10+).png
[Swivel Gun (Level 20+)]Any2,750Crowns(Item) Swivel Gun (Level 20+).png
[Swivel Gun (Level 30+)]Any3,250Crowns(Item) Swivel Gun (Level 30+).png
[Swivel Gun (Level 35+)]Any3,750Crowns(Item) Swivel Gun (Level 35+).png
[Swivel Gun (Level 40+)]Any4,250Crowns(Item) Swivel Gun (Level 40+).png
[Swivel Gun (Level 45+)]Any4,750Crowns(Item) Swivel Gun (Level 45+).png
[Swivel Gun (Level 50+)]Any5,000Crowns(Item) Swivel Gun (Level 50+).png
[Swivel Gun (Level 55+)]Any5,250Crowns(Item) Swivel Gun (Level 55+).png
[Swivel Gun (Level 60+)]Any5,500Crowns(Item) Swivel Gun (Level 60+).png
[Swivel Gun (Level 65+)]Any5,750Crowns(Item) Swivel Gun (Level 65+).png
[Swivel Gun (Level 70+)]Any6,000Crowns(Item) Swivel Gun (Level 70+).png
[Raiding Tackle (Level 1+)]Any1,500Crowns(Item) Raiding Tackle (Level 1+).png
[Raiding Tackle (Level 10+)]Any2,250Crowns(Item) Raiding Tackle (Level 10+).png
[Raiding Tackle (Level 20+)]Any2,750Crowns(Item) Raiding Tackle (Level 20+).png
[Raiding Tackle (Level 30+)]Any3,250Crowns(Item) Raiding Tackle (Level 30+).png
[Raiding Tackle (Level 35+)]Any3,750Crowns(Item) Raiding Tackle (Level 35+).png
[Raiding Tackle (Level 40+)]Any4,250Crowns(Item) Raiding Tackle (Level 40+).png
[Raiding Tackle (Level 45+)]Any4,750Crowns(Item) Raiding Tackle (Level 45+).png
[Raiding Tackle (Level 50+)]Any5,000Crowns(Item) Raiding Tackle (Level 50+).png
[Raiding Tackle (Level 55+)]Any5,250Crowns(Item) Raiding Tackle (Level 55+).png
[Raiding Tackle (Level 60+)]Any5,500Crowns(Item) Raiding Tackle (Level 60+).png
[Raiding Tackle (Level 65+)]Any5,750Crowns(Item) Raiding Tackle (Level 65+).png
[Raiding Tackle (Level 70+)]AnyCrowns(Item) Raiding Tackle (Level 70+).png
[Tentacular Staff (Level 1+)]Any1,500Crowns(Item) Tentacular Staff (Level 1+).png
[Tentacular Staff (Level 10+)]Any2,250Crowns(Item) Tentacular Staff (Level 10+).png
[Tentacular Staff (Level 20+)]Any2,750Crowns(Item) Tentacular Staff (Level 20+).png
[Tentacular Staff (Level 30+)]Any3,250Crowns(Item) Tentacular Staff (Level 30+).png
[Tentacular Staff (Level 35+)]Any3,750Crowns(Item) Tentacular Staff (Level 35+).png
[Tentacular Staff (Level 40+)]Any4,250Crowns(Item) Tentacular Staff (Level 40+).png
[Tentacular Staff (Level 45+)]Any4,750Crowns(Item) Tentacular Staff (Level 45+).png
[Tentacular Staff (Level 50+)]Any5,000Crowns(Item) Tentacular Staff (Level 50+).png
[Tentacular Staff (Level 55+)]Any5,250Crowns(Item) Tentacular Staff (Level 55+).png
[Tentacular Staff (Level 60+)]Any5,500Crowns(Item) Tentacular Staff (Level 60+).png
[Tentacular Staff (Level 65+)]Any5,750Crowns(Item) Tentacular Staff (Level 65+).png
[Tentacular Staff (Level 70+)]Any6,000Crowns(Item) Tentacular Staff (Level 70+).png
[Infantry Frostlock]Any1,250Crowns(Item) Infantry Frostlock.png
[Imperial Frostlock]Any2,000Crowns(Item) Imperial Frostlock.png
[Grande Armee Frostlock]Any2,500Crowns(Item) Grande Armee Frostlock.png
[Hussar Frostlock]Any3,000Crowns(Item) Hussar Frostlock.png
[Dragoon Frostlock]Any3,500Crowns(Item) Dragoon Frostlock.png
[Grenadier Frostlock]Any4,000Crowns(Item) Grenadier Frostlock.png
[Fusilier Frostlock]Any4,500Crowns(Item) Fusilier Frostlock.png
[Royal Marine Frostlock]Any4,750Crowns(Item) Royal Marine Frostlock.png
[Boreal Frostlock]Any5,000Crowns(Item) Boreal Frostlock.png
[Phrygian Frostlock (Level 60+)]Any5,250Crowns(Item) Phrygian Frostlock (Level 60+).png
[Phrygian Frostlock (Level 65+)]Any5,500Crowns(Item) Phrygian Frostlock (Level 65+).png
[Phrygian Frostlock (Level 70+)]Any5,750Crowns(Item) Phrygian Frostlock (Level 70+).png
[Firecat Set]Any1,250Crowns(Item) Firecat Set.png
[Phoenix Set]Any2,000Crowns(Item) Phoenix Set.png
[Oni Set]Any2,500Crowns(Item) Oni Set.png
[Heck Hound Set]Any3,000Crowns(Item) Heck Hound Set.png
[Fire Drake Set]Any3,500Crowns(Item) Fire Drake Set.png
[Wyldfire Set]Any4,000Crowns(Item) Wyldfire Set.png
[Salamander Set]Any4,500Crowns(Item) Salamander Set.png
[Naptha Set]Any4,750Crowns(Item) Naptha Set.png
[Acheron Set]Any5,000Crowns(Item) Acheron Set.png
[Helios Set (Level 60+)]Any5,250Crowns(Item) Helios Set (Level 60+).png
[Helios Set (Level 65+)]Any5,500Crowns(Item) Helios Set (Level 65+).png
[Helios Set (Level 70+)]Any5,750Crowns(Item) Helios Set (Level 70+).png
[Thunder Staff]Any1,250Crowns(Item) Thunder Staff.png
[Stormzilla Staff]Any2,000Crowns(Item) Stormzilla Staff.png
[North Wind Staff]Any2,500Crowns(Item) North Wind Staff.png
[Darkwind Staff]Any3,000Crowns(Item) Darkwind Staff.png
[Windstorm Staff]Any3,500Crowns(Item) Windstorm Staff.png
[Divining Staff]Any4,000Crowns(Item) Divining Staff.png
[Kraken Staff]Any4,500Crowns(Item) Kraken Staff.png
[Maelstrom Staff]Any4,750Crowns(Item) Maelstrom Staff.png
[Astrapios Staff]Any5,000Crowns(Item) Astrapios Staff.png
[Jovian Staff (Level 60+)]Any5,250Crowns(Item) Jovian Staff (Level 60+).png
[Jovian Staff (Level 65+)]Any5,500Crowns(Item) Jovian Staff (Level 65+).png
[Jovian Staff (Level 70+)]Any5,750Crowns(Item) Jovian Staff (Level 70+).png
[Snow Blasters]Any300Crowns(Item) Snow Blasters.png
[Snow Cannon]Any300Crowns(Item) Snow Cannon.png
[The Winter Wonder Set]Any300Crowns(Item) The Winter Wonder Set.png
[Candy Cane Swords]Any300Crowns(Item) Candy Cane Swords.png
[Mint Shield]Any300Crowns(Item) Mint Shield.png
[Wrapping Paper Hammer]Any300Crowns(Item) Wrapping Paper Hammer.png
[Wrapping Paper Sword]Any300Crowns(Item) Wrapping Paper Sword.png
[Candy Cane Knives]Any300Crowns(Item) Candy Cane Knives.png
[Candle Wand]Any300Crowns(Item) Candle Wand.png
[Candy Cane Staff]Any300Crowns(Item) Candy Cane Staff.png
[Gingerbread Wand]Any300Crowns(Item) Gingerbread Wand.png
[Mint Staff]Any300Crowns(Item) Mint Staff.png
[Nutcracker Wand]Any300Crowns(Item) Nutcracker Wand.png
[Star Staff]Any1,500Crowns(Item) Star Staff.png
[Silent Knight Duelist Set]Any1,500Crowns(Item) Silent Knight Duelist Set.png
[Silent Knight Mojo Set]Any1,500Crowns(Item) Silent Knight Mojo Set.png
[Silent Knight Rogue Set]Any1,500Crowns(Item) Silent Knight Rogue Set.png
[Silent Knight Sword]Any1,500Crowns(Item) Silent Knight Sword.png
[Silent Knight Marauder Set]Any1,500Crowns(Item) Silent Knight Marauder Set.png
[Silent Knight Great Sword]Any1,500Crowns(Item) Silent Knight Great Sword.png
[Silent Knight Battle Set]Any1,500Crowns(Item) Silent Knight Battle Set.png


Elixirs are temporary boosts for various aspects of the game. Purchase causes immediate effect, so they should be purchased only when the pirate character will benefit.

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