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NPC:El Toro

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(NPC) El Toro.png
(NPC) El Toro 2.png
(NPC) El Toro 3.png
(NPC) El Toro 4.png
El Guapo's Hideout
Castillo Sapo
Santa Rana's Palace
Manor Ballroom
(NPC) El Toro 5.png

Tavern Cellar

Description: Courtesy of the May 2017 Pirate101 Newsletter:

The bull Cool Ranch now knows as Don Rodrigo de la Vega was orphaned at an early age, his family wiped out by a band of Banditoad desperadoes. The young bull devoted himself to avenging his parents, and at the age of ten set out to track down and wipe out the vile criminals. Just before he crept into the Banditoad encampment, he was stopped by an imposing figure – El Toro!
The masked hero told Rodrigo that his course would lean to nothing but pain - there was nothing to be gained from revenge except a cycle of blood and hate. Justice, however... that is a noble goal, and the fighter who fights for others instead of himself is a true hero.
Rodrigo helped El Toro bring the Banditoads to justice, and then became the adopted ward of El Toro’s public identity, Don Rafael de la Vega. By day Rodrigo learned how to manage his hacienda’s finances and care for the people of Santo Pollo. By night he learned the way of the foil and bullwhip, training to follow in his father’s steps.
After a falling out with Don Rafael, Rodrigo was forced to take up his father’s mantle, finally donning the mask of... El Toro!

Known as the following Companions:
El Toro (Masked Hero)
El Toro (Masked Champion) (promotion at Level 40)

Cool Ranch - Banditoad Gulch - El Guapo's Hideout
Cool Ranch - Castillo Sapo
Cool Ranch - Castillo Sapo - Santa Rana's Palace
Cool Ranch - Santo Pollo - Manor Ballroom
All worlds - Taverns - Tavern Cellar
Gives Quests:

Toro Unleashed!

Quest Goals:

El Toro Unleashed!
Blood's Own Hand
The Way of the Sword

Ends Quests:

Tax Relief
The Way of the Sword


Encountered as an Ally
in El Guapo's Hideout
(NPC) El Toro-Combat 1.png
Level 19 - Bull (Swashbuckler)
Masked Hero
477 Health
Riposte (Rank 1)
Encountered as an Ally
in Castillo Sapo
(NPC) El Toro-Combat 2.png
Level 24 - Bull (Swashbuckler)
Masked Hero
660 Health
Riposte (Rank 1)
Encountered as an Ally
in Santa Rana's Palace
(NPC) El Toro-Combat 3.png
Level 20 - Bull (Swashbuckler)
Masked Hero
504 Health
Riposte (Rank 1)
Encountered as an Ally
in Manor Ballroom
(NPC) El Toro-Combat 4.png
Level 20 - Bull (Swashbuckler)
Masked Hero
504 Health
Riposte (Rank 1)

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