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NPC:Gracie Conrad

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(NPC) Gracie Conrad.png
(NPC) Gracie Conrad 2.png

Description: From her February 2014 feature in the Rogue's Gallery of the Pirate101 Newsletter: Grace Conrad (Gracie to her friends) has ships and sailing in her blood: she comes from a long line of famous Merchant Marines. Gracie had hoped to follow in their footsteps but her father, the famed Captain Conrad, insisted his daughter get a proper education instead. The first in her family to go to university, Gracie earned high marks at Strathclydesdale College in Albion, greatest Engineering University in the Spiral.

After graduation, Grace soon grew bored to tears designing factories and bridges. Struck by a desire to see the Spiral like her sailing forebears, Grace joined the Spiral Geographic Society and traveled far abroad, studying archaeological sites in Krokotopia before joining Thurston Plunkett’s Grand Celestian Expedition. Her travels were then cut short by the hostilities with Valencia. Grace did her part by working tireless to repair and refit Royal Navy ships at the Main Docks on the Isle of Dogs.

Who could have guessed that a secret mission would have thrown her in with a famous pirate crew - Gracie is roaming the Spiral once again!

Gracie gets a "promotion" during the quest Anarchy in the MB!, but no title change, just the ability Construct Golem.

Known as the following Companions:

Gracie Conrad (Junior Engineer)
Gracie Conrad (Senior Engineer) (promotion at Level 70 for 7,000 Gold)
The Isle of Dogs
Tavern Cellar

Marleybone - The Isle of Dogs
All worlds - Taverns - Tavern Cellar
Gives Quests:
Quest Goals:

The Guns of Marleybone

Ends Quests:

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