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NPC:Honest Thomas Purdue

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Description: Introduced with the Ranked PvP update in Summer 2015, Thomas is the Pet & Mount vendor for PvP. (He is based on Pirate101 Former Community Manager, Tom, also known as One-Eyed Jack)

The pets for sale here depend on the PvP Season, and will change on the first day of each season. For the first year of Ranked PvP, the pets were based on Pirate Classes, the next year they were based on PvP Ranks:

Summer Pets -- Apex Sharks, Cat Thugs; Heckhounds, Rock Spiders

Fall/Autumn Pets -- Raptors, Fennec Foxes; Colossuses, Horned Toads

Winter Pets -- Maxotaurs, Hoggles; Chupacabras

Spring Pets -- Grudgehogs, Clock-O-Gators; Sea Dragons

The Gorilla Mounts also change with the PvP Season.

On December 2019, A new set of PvP mounts was introduced for the 4 seasons, The Battle Havox. You must be rank hero or higher in order to buy the Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall Battle Havox mounts during their seasons.

Skull Island - Skull Island (Zone) - Brawlin' Hall
Gives Quests:
Quest Goals: Ends Quests:


Summer Pets for Sale

Privateer Apex Shark500Scrip(Pet) Privateer Apex Shark.png
Buccaneer Apex Shark500Scrip(Pet) Buccaneer Apex Shark.png
Musketeer Apex Shark500Scrip(Pet) Musketeer Apex Shark.png
Swashbuckler Apex Shark500Scrip(Pet) Swashbuckler Apex Shark.png
Witchdoctor Apex Shark500Scrip(Pet) Witchdoctor Apex Shark.png
Cat Thug Contender25Scrip(Pet) Cat Thug Contender.png
Cat Thug Brawler50Scrip(Pet) Cat Thug Brawler.png
Cat Thug Warrior100Scrip(Pet) Cat Thug Warrior.png
Cat Thug Gladiator150Scrip(Pet) Cat Thug Gladiator.png
Cat Thug Veteran200Scrip(Pet) Cat Thug Veteran.png
Cat Thug Hero300Scrip(Pet) Cat Thug Hero.png
Cat Thug Paragon400Scrip(Pet) Cat Thug Paragon.png
Cat Thug Champion500Scrip(Pet) Cat Thug Champion.png
Heckhound Contender25Scrip(Pet) Heckhound Contender.png
Heckhound Brawler50Scrip(Pet) Heckhound Brawler.png
Heckhound Warrior100Scrip(Pet) Heckhound Warrior.png
Heckhound Gladiator150Scrip125x125px
Heckhound Veteran200Scrip(Pet) Heckhound Veteran.png
Heckhound Hero300Scrip125x125px
Heckhound Paragon400Scrip(Pet) Heckhound Paragon.png
Heckhound Champion500Scrip(Pet) Heckhound Champion.png
Rock Spider Contender25Scrip(Pet) Rock Spider Contender.png
Rock Spider Brawler50Scrip(Pet) Rock Spider Brawler.png
Rock Spider Warrior100Scrip(Pet) Rock Spider Warrior.png
Rock Spider Gladiator150Scrip(Pet) Rock Spider Gladiator.png
Rock Spider Veteran200Scrip(Pet) Rock Spider Veteran.png
Rock Spider Hero300Scrip(Pet) Rock Spider Hero.png
Rock Spider Paragon400Scrip(Pet) Rock Spider Paragon.png
Rock Spider Champion500Scrip(Pet) Rock Spider Champion.png

Autumn Pets for Sale

Privateer Raptor500Scrip(Pet) Privateer Raptor.png
Buccaneer Raptor500Scrip(Pet) Buccaneer Raptor.png
Musketeer Raptor500Scrip(Pet) Musketeer Raptor.png
Swashbuckler Raptor500Scrip(Pet) Swashbuckler Raptor.png
Witchdoctor Raptor500Scrip(Pet) Witchdoctor Raptor.png
Fennec Fox Contender25Scrip(Pet) Fennec Fox Contender.png
Fennec Fox Brawler50Scrip(Pet) Fennec Fox Brawler.png
Fennec Fox Warrior100Scrip(Pet) Fennec Fox Warrior.png
Fennec Fox Gladiator150Scrip(Pet) Fennec Fox Gladiator.png
Fennec Fox Veteran200Scrip(Pet) Fennec Fox Veteran.png
Fennec Fox Hero300Scrip(Pet) Fennec Fox Hero.png
Fennec Fox Paragon400Scrip(Pet) Fennec Fox Paragon.png
Fennec Fox Champion500Scrip(Pet) Fennec Fox Champion.png
Colossus Contender25Scrip(Pet) Colossus Contender.png
Colossus Brawler50Scrip(Pet) Colossus Brawler.png
Colossus Warrior100Scrip(Pet) Colossus Warrior.png
Colossus Gladiator150Scrip(Pet) Colossus Gladiator.png
Colossus Veteran200Scrip(Pet) Colossus Veteran.png
Colossus Hero300Scrip(Pet) Colossus Hero.png
Colossus Paragon400Scrip(Pet) Colossus Paragon.png
Colossus Champion500Scrip(Pet) Colossus Champion.png
Horned Toad Contender25Scrip(Pet) Horned Toad Contender.png
Horned Toad Brawler50Scrip(Pet) Horned Toad Brawler.png
Horned Toad Warrior100Scrip(Pet) Horned Toad Warrior.png
Horned Toad Gladiator150Scrip(Pet) Horned Toad Gladiator.png
Horned Toad Veteran200Scrip(Pet) Horned Toad Veteran.png
Horned Toad Hero300Scrip(Pet) Horned Toad Hero.png
Horned Toad Paragon400Scrip(Pet) Horned Toad Paragon.png
Horned Toad Champion500Scrip(Pet) Horned Toad Champion.png

Winter Pets for Sale

Privateer Maxotaur500Scrip(Pet) Privateer Maxotaur.png
Buccaneer Maxotaur500Scrip(Pet) Buccaneer Maxotaur.png
Musketeer Maxotaur500Scrip(Pet) Musketeer Maxotaur.png
Swashbuckler Maxotaur500Scrip(Pet) Swashbuckler Maxotaur.png
Witchdoctor Maxotaur500Scrip(Pet) Witchdoctor Maxotaur.png
Hoggle Contender25Scrip(Pet) Hoggle Contender.png
Hoggle Brawler50Scrip(Pet) Hoggle Brawler.png
Hoggle Warrior100Scrip(Pet) Hoggle Warrior.png
Hoggle Gladiator150Scrip(Pet) Hoggle Gladiator.png
Hoggle Veteran200Scrip(Pet) Hoggle Veteran.png
Hoggle Hero300Scrip(Pet) Hoggle Hero.png
Hoggle Paragon400Scrip(Pet) Hoggle Paragon.png
Hoggle Champion500Scrip(Pet) Hoggle Champion.png
Chupacabra Contender25Scrip(Pet) Chupacabra Contender.png
Chupacabra Brawler50Scrip(Pet) Chupacabra Brawler.png
Chupacabra Warrior100Scrip(Pet) Chupacabra Warrior.png
Chupacabra Gladiator150Scrip(Pet) Chupacabra Gladiator.png
Chupacabra Veteran200Scrip(Pet) Chupacabra Veteran.png
Chupacabra Hero300Scrip(Pet) Chupacabra Hero.png
Chupacabra Paragon400Scrip(Pet) Chupacabra Paragon.png
Chupacabra Champion500Scrip(Pet) Chupacabra Champion.png

Spring Pets for Sale

Privateer Grudgehog500Scrip(Pet) Privateer Grudgehog.png
Buccaneer Grudgehog500Scrip(Pet) Buccaneer Grudgehog.png
Musketeer Grudgehog500Scrip(Pet) Musketeer Grudgehog.png
Swashbuckler Grudgehog500Scrip(Pet) Swashbuckler Grudgehog.png
Witchdoctor Grudgehog500Scrip(Pet) Witchdoctor Grudgehog.png
Clock-O-Gator Contender25Scrip(Pet) Clock-O-Gator Contender.png
Clock-O-Gator Brawler50Scrip(Pet) Clock-O-Gator Brawler.png
Clock-O-Gator Warrior100Scrip(Pet) Clock-O-Gator Warrior.png
Clock-O-Gator Gladiator150Scrip(Pet) Clock-O-Gator Gladiator.png
Clock-O-Gator Veteran200Scrip(Pet) Clock-O-Gator Veteran.png
Clock-O-Gator Hero300Scrip(Pet) Clock-O-Gator Hero.png
Clock-O-Gator Paragon400Scrip(Pet) Clock-O-Gator Paragon.png
Clock-O-Gator Champion500Scrip(Pet) Clock-O-Gator Champion.png
Sea Dragon Contender25Scrip(Pet) Sea Dragon Contender.png
Sea Dragon Brawler50Scrip(Pet) Sea Dragon Brawler.png
Sea Dragon Warrior100Scrip125x125px
Sea Dragon Gladiator150Scrip125x125px
Sea Dragon Veteran200Scrip125x125px
Sea Dragon Hero300Scrip(Pet) Sea Dragon Hero.png
Sea Dragon Paragon400Scrip125x125px
Sea Dragon Champion500Scrip(Pet) Sea Dragon Champion.png

Permenant Mounts for Sale

Spring Gorilla Skirmisher1,000Scrip(Mount) Spring Gorilla Skirmisher.png
Spring Gorilla Juggernaut1,250Scrip(Mount) Spring Gorilla Juggernaut.png
Summer Gorilla Skirmisher1,000Scrip(Mount) Summer Gorilla Skirmisher.png
Summer Gorilla Juggernaut1,250Scrip(Mount) Summer Gorilla Juggernaut.png
Autumn Gorilla Skirmisher1,000Scrip(Mount) Autumn Gorilla Skirmisher.png
Autumn Gorilla Juggernaut1,250Scrip(Mount) Autumn Gorilla Juggernaut.png
Winter Gorilla Skirmisher1,000Scrip(Mount) Winter Gorilla Skirmisher.png
Winter Gorilla Juggernaut1,250Scrip(Mount) Winter Gorilla Juggernaut.png
Fall Battle Havox1,250Scrip(Mount) Fall Battle Havox.png
Winter Battle Havox1,250Scrip(Mount) Winter Battle Havox.png
Spring Battle Havox1,250Scrip(Mount) Spring Battle Havox.png
Summer Battle Havox1,250Scrip(Mount) Summer Battle Havox.png

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