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NPC:Old Scratch

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(NPC) Old Scratch.png
(NPC) Old Scratch 2.png
(NPC) Old Scratch 3.png
Hoodoo House (Shady Hollow)
Tomb of the De La Vegas
Tavern Cellar

Description: Courtesy of the January 2014 Pirate101 Newsletter:

One of the most formidable hoodoo workers in Skull Island, the undead Witchdoctor known only as Old Scratch rose from the grave by making a pact with a powerful spirit of nightmare. Old Scratch’s former life is a mystery – he himself can remember almost nothing of the times before his death, not even his name. The only thing Scratch could recall clearly was his first teacher, Papa Legbones, who taught him to speak with spirits and raise the dead.
Scratch still has one foot in the grave: speaking with the dead and calling up undead servants come as second nature to him. Old Scratch hopes that by aiding his new Captain his black magic can work toward a brighter purpose, but who knows what other secrets from his buried past might yet arise to bedevil the hoodoo man?

Known as the following Companions:
Old Scratch (Undead Witchdoctor)
Old Scratch (Undead Bokor) (promotion at Level 24)
Old Scratch (Undead Houngan) (promotion at Level 34)
Old Scratch (Skeletal Shaman) (promotion at Level 70)

Skull Island - Shady Hollow - Hoodoo House (Shady Hollow)
Cool Ranch - Boot Hill Docks - Tomb of the De La Vegas
All worlds - Taverns - Tavern Cellar
Gives Quests:

The Serpent and the Raven
One Foot Through the Door
A Dark Reflection

Quest Goals:

Treasure Hunt
A Dark Reflection

Ends Quests:

One Foot Through the Door
The Serpent and the Raven
A Dark Reflection

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