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(NPC) Ratbeard.png
(NPC) Ratbeard 2.png
(NPC) Ratbeard 3.png
(NPC) Ratbeard 4.png
Tavern Cellar (Skull Island)
Governor's Mansion

Description: Courtesy of the April 2014 Pirate101 Newsletter:

Ratbeard grew up a prince of the Port Regal Underworld: born into the infamous Beard family, he knew he was to be a famous pirate before he took his first baby steps. Ratbeard spent his early years happily tending to his father’s business, smuggling and pirating. All that changed when he tried to double cross one of the worst pirates to ever sail the skyways of Cool Ranch: Captain Fowl. Fowl handily defeated Ratbeard, in a fight so terrible Ratbeard lost his leg. Then, for good measure, Fowl killed Ratbeard's father, burned out their hideout, and even stole Mrs. Chillingsworth... Ratbeard’s favorite parrot.
Disgraced by the defeat, Ratbeard was ostracized by the other branches of the Beard family - instead of becoming a prince of pirates, Ratbeard became little more than a thug, flying the worst skyways in the Spiral, pillaging, cheating, and pinching every last gold piece to get his revenge. Ratbeard was halfway to his goal of buying a ship big enough to take on Cap’n Fowl’s Galleon, The Turkey Buzzard, when he heard tale of a mysterious expedition being formed by Captain Avery. Hatching a plan, he hocked his Sword and Coat, and spent the rest of his meager fortune to hire out a crew of Wharf Rats. Ratbeard was betting everything he had on a chance to find the greatest treasure in Skull Island: Gunn’s Gold. This would be the old Rat's last chance.

Known as the following Companions:
Ratbeard (Rat Officer)
Ratbeard (Rat Commander) (promotion at Level 10)
Ratbeard (Rat Captain) (promotion at Level 28)
Ratbeard (Rat Admiral) (promotion at Level 55)

Skull Island - The Kraken Skulls Tavern - Tavern Cellar (Skull Island)
Skull Island - Volcano!
Skull Island - Port Regal - Governor's Mansion
Cool Ranch - Miranda
All worlds - Taverns - Tavern Cellar
Gives Quests:

A Pirate Most Fowl
The Rat Race

Quest Goals:

Bad Company
Gunn's Gold
The Rat Race

Ends Quests:

A Pirate Most Fowl
The Rat Race

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