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Pirate101 Wiki:2020 Group Plunder Chest Wiki Contest

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(Item) Group Plunder Chest - Aquila (2 Lock).png

2020 Group Plunder Chest Contest


There are always pages needing information on the wiki!

Related discussion on the forums can be found [1].


1) Find some willing pirate friends (or make new ones) in-game to help you find and open wild Group Plunder chests. Edit the correct page in the Wiki and add information about Doubloons and other drops received.
2) Each correctly added drop will get 2 points for a 2 Lock chest, and 4 Lock chest edits will receive 5 points.**
3) The winners will be those that have accumulated the most points by the end of the contest, as determined by the official tally.
Points will be awarded at the discretion of the Wiki Masters as we patrol the changes. Screenshots may be required for verification of questionable editing.

  • See the [Guide] for information on making edits.

PRIZES and DEADLINE: See Discussion Thread [2].

(Item) Group Plunder Chest - Marleybone (4 Lock).png

Contest Standings

This Contest is Now OPEN!
Total Edit Points:  ??


Username Points Place

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