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Pirate101 Wiki:Editing Guide

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Rules and Guidelines

  1. Content placed in articles must be from Live Realm. Do not put material from Test Realm (or other non-Live Realm sources) on the Wiki; game content often changes greatly by the time it is released to Live. Posted non-Live Realm material will be removed.

  2. Content placed in articles should be factual information directly pertaining to the subject of the article. No rumors, speculation, opinions, or irrelevant or extraneous details. Spoiler-type details should be avoided whenever possible.

  3. Information added to the Wiki must be personally witnessed (first-person) data. Second-hand testimonials or educated guesses are not sufficient assurance of validity. Second-hand screenshots are acceptable, if citation is given. Screenshots of your own first-person information is not routinely required; however we reserve the right to request such proof, and/or independent confirmation, in certain cases.

  4. Vandalism, including unapproved deletion of article content, edit-spamming of articles, or insertion of nonsense or purposely false information, will not be tolerated. Acts of vandalism will result in the suspension or termination of Wiki editing privileges.

  5. Vulgarity in any form is unacceptable, and offenders will be banned from the site. This Wiki is part of Pirate101 Central, and its
    Rules and Guidelines apply here just as in the Forums.

Questions and Comments

Please post questions or comments about the game in the Pirate101 Central Forums, and questions or comments about Wiki content, format, templates, etc. in the Pirate101 Central Wiki Forums.

Creating and Editing Pages

Creating New Pages

Please use the automated templates whenever possible. Information on how to generate these templates can be found at Basic:Creating New Pages. Instructions are provided with each template so that pages are created correctly.

Editing Existing Pages

To edit an existing page, click the 'Edit' tab at the top of an article's page to open the editing window.

Enter the new information on the appropriate lines, or parameters, of the template. Every template provides instructions below the editing window explaining the purpose of every individual parameter included in the template, in order to facilitate where new information should be added when editing the article.

After entering the new information, click the 'Show preview' button below the editing window to see if it needs any corrections. If everything looks good, click the 'Save page' button. (optionally, a short summary of the change may be included in the 'Summary' box.)

Page Writing

Tips on proper page writing can be found here: Editing Guide/Page Writing

Images and Tables

Tips on Images can be found here: Editing Guide/Images

You will most likely never have to create a table on this wiki, but should the need arise, you can find tips on how to do so here: Editing Guide/Tables

Wiki Code Editing

Tips on standard wiki code editing can be found here: Editing Guide/Wiki Code Editing. (Please note that editors will most likely never have to use many of these tips, because the Infobox templates do most of the work)


Article Categories

In general, do not edit category articles. The only thing that should ever be added to a category page is the {{Category}} template and the required Parent Category. In other words, a category page will always be formatted like the example below:

[[Category:Parent Category]]

Navigation of the Pirate101 Wiki depends heavily on the use of categories. Pages with incorrect categories can be lost in the wiki as they don't link to the rest of the site properly. The Infobox templates that are incorporated into the wiki are designed to automatically create the necessary categories for most articles, but some articles do require editors to manually include the necessary categories (images and some equipment articles, for example).

Image Categories

For Images, a category is required to manage all images placed on the wiki. For a list of all images that have been uploaded to the wiki and to see what categories are currently used, see Editing Guide/Images.


Every article can be improved (even this one). Following these guidelines will not ensure a perfect article the first time, but it will give the article a stronger start.

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