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(Icon) MainPage Companions.png Companions are the NPCs that follow you around, take part in the storyline, help you with quests, and assist you in Battleboard Combat.

Acquiring: You acquire Companions primarily by completing Quests, both storyline and otherwise. You can purchase additional companions in the Crown Shop. Various companions are made available for purchase by completing Quests, and special Companions can be purchased after defeating enemies a certain number of times.

Crew Order: You have three options for how to manage your crew in combat, which can be selected in your Options.

  • In Order: Companions will only show in the order that you have them in your Companion Management Screen. This typically includes the first 3 companions.
  • First Mate: Your First Mate will always show up in combat, the rest of your combat-ready companions will be selected randomly for combat.
  • Random: All of your combat-ready companions are randomly selected for combat.

Wounding: If a Companion suffers minor damage during combat, they will return to the next battle at full health, however, if the Companion is severely wounded (less than half health) a "Wounded" icon will appear, and they will start the next battle with lowered health. If the Companion gets defeated, they will be assigned Bed Rest until they are healed. Bed Rest will vary based on the Companion's level, with lower level companions only needing a few minutes, to higher level companions needing several hours to recover. You have the option to "Wake Up" the Companion, which will place them in the "Wounded" state until they are healed. Alternatively, you can pay gold to Miracle Mitch in Avery's Court for healing, but the higher your companion's level the more it will cost you.

Training: As you level and complete quests you gain Training Points, or Tomes, which you can use to advance the level of your Companions. Higher level companions learn more Talents and when they reach certain levels, you can promote them to make them more powerful and grant them additional Epic Talents!

There are now five ways to obtain Training Tomes. You can buy them from Training Tome Vendors, have a higher-level (either higher than you or at your same level) companion assigned to Keel Haulin', find them laying around certain locations in the Spiral, and earn them from many side quests as rewards. Additionally, you gain more tomes as you level your pirate. Buying Tomes and the utilization of Keel Haulin' are limited to max of 10 Training Tomes. Tomes earned from Quest Rewards, Leveling and Finding them are not limited by what you already have. You can be training your companions without tomes by assigning them to Brawlin'.

As you train your companions, you will be able to choose Abilities for them based on their class. Generally, you will be able to choose a new Talent every four levels or so, depending on the Companion and their level. You will also be able to choose certain Epic Talents [1] at levels 15, 25 and 55. If you decide later that the abilities you chose are not working for your crew, you can Reset those abilities for a cost. Subscribers can reset their Companions' abilities for gold, based on their pirate level, while others must pay Crowns.

Tasks: Companions also can be given orders that can benefit both you and your companions by providing various amounts of Companion Experience, Nautical Experience, Items, and Gold. To learn more about these tasks see the Companion Orders Page.

Below are some useful categories for Companions:

Companion Categories

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