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Pets are helpful creatures that will follow a pirate around and may even assist in Battleboard Combat!

(Before the May 2014 Advanced Pets update, equipped Pets had a 50% of joining a pirate in any Battleboard Combat, without causing more creatures to appear or increasing the difficulty of the encounter.)

Since the May 2014 Advanced Pets update: Equipped pets are now given a minimum 20% chance to join combat on each round. All pets received prior to this were updated and renamed as "Loyal" pets and were given the Loyal pet talent as well as any Epic Talent ability they had known prior to the update. Some Talent pools for First Generation pets acquired after the update differ from that of their Loyal counterparts.

Leveling a pet is independent of the pirate's overall level, which can be quite valuable in making the pet more useful in Combat.

Pets (or their eggs prior to hatching) can be placed in any of a pirate's housing locations as decorations, traded between any pirates on an account through the Shared Bank, and sold at Pet Vendors or Housing Vendors. Pets cannot be bought or sold at the Bazaar.

Pets can be "Morphed" together in the Morphing Tent to create new pets with different talent combinations and even new pets called Hybrids.

See Pets for LOTS more information.

Below are some useful categories for Pets!

Pet Categories

All Pets First Generation Pets Hybrid Pets Pets by World Pets by How Acquired Holiday Pets
Pet Powers Pet Gear Pet Talents
All Snacks Snacks by World Origin Snacks by Class Snacks by Rank Crowns Snacks

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