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Quests tell the backstory of the game

Quests are the primary method of advancement in the game. Some are the challenges and assignments given to you by NPCs, others begin automatically as the pirate levels up. Completing Quests will provide rewards -- experience, gold, nautical experience, practice points, training points, new abilities, companion promotions, items, and more -- in order to improve and equip the pirate for success in the game.

Two Main Types of Quest

Storyline Quests and Side Quests -- Storyline quests advance through the primary story in each proceeding world by Book and Chapter and CANNOT BE DECLINED. Side Quests are mostly separate from the Story, and are completely optional as to when (or if) the pirate completes them. Some quests begin automatically upon entering a Location.

All Quests have both Goal Images and Dialogue Box Images, and the dialogue is also performed by excellent voice actors! Goal Images are found by hitting the "Q" Key or clicking on the Options menu. Storyline Quests are identified by an icon of a Gold Cup, and are listed on the first page of Quests.

Dialogue can be reviewed by clicking on the bottom right icon on a Goal Image. Goal Images also have icons for each type of reward that the pirate will receive upon completing the quest. The nearest quest to the pirate's location will sometimes have a small green triangle in the upper left corner. On the last page of Quests, will be the Quest Finder.

The Quest Finder can help locate new Quests that are not currently in the logbook. Depending on the Pirate's level and world access, the Quest Finder can list quests from other Worlds. If a Quest is in an area that the pirate does not have access to, either by subscription or purchase using Crowns, the quest Goal will indicate that it requires Crowns in order to go and accept that quest.

Below are some useful categories for locating Quests:

Quest Categories

Quests by World

Quests by Chapter
Storyline Quests

Side Quests

Instance Quests
Level Initiated Quests Practice Point Quests

Companion Training Point Quests
Companion Promotion Quests

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