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Worlds of the Spiral in Pirate101 are normally composed of one or more skyways, featuring an island or cluster of islands floating within several Windlanes. Every world is unique with new areas to explore and its own variety of native creatures to meet! Pirates learn to navigate the Skyways and Stormgates to access multiple Worlds and areas within each world.

To the right are links to the accessible worlds in Pirate101, each of which has links to the various locations, creatures, and NPCs in each world. Below is a description of the features within Worlds.


In Pirate101, Ships don't sail through the rough seas, but instead through majestic Skyways! Island hop around the Spiral by sailing your Ship across magical skies. Each world has its own unique Skyways with intriguing areas to unlock and explore.

The Skyways are beautiful, but not without their own dangers! Enemy ships are around every turn, and they want to stop your Pirate and may interrupt your quest for treasure. Pirates must keep an eye out for natural enemies wandering the skies, like dangerous Batacuda and Flying Fish.


One way to avoid enemies and travel quickly through any Skyway is to hop into a Windlane with your ship! Each Windlane winds a different path through the Skyway, and automatically steers your Ship in the direction that it's traveling. Ships traveling in Windlanes will regain health twice as quickly, and cannot be attacked by enemy ships and dangerous wildlife! Be careful using your Boost in the Windlane, though, because the extra speed may mean the ship won't make a tight turn. Different colors are used to distinguish multiple Windlanes within each Skyway, connecting other Skyways and leading to different destinations. Windlanes are also plentiful sources of both Red and Blue Yum-Yum Fruits!

Locations and Sublocations

Locations are areas within a world that have their own map. Each world page has a list of all the locations within in. Each location will have a map available as a navigation aid, accessed using the "M" key. Location names will toggle on and off the display using the "N" key. The Quest Helper arrow is a good guide to follow when navigating unfamiliar locations. This feature is toggled on and off using Cntrl-T or via the Options menu. Examples of locations include Avery's Court, Skull Island (Zone), and the Tradewinds Skyway.

Sublocations are areas within a world that do not have their own map. They are generally smaller areas like stores, homes and non-dungeon instances. Each location page has a 'Places of Interest' list of all the sublocations within it. Examples of sublocations include the Tavern Cellar, the Abandoned Homestead, and the Vortex of Doom

An instance is a copy of an in-game area restricted to 1-4 players, usually for the purpose of storyline immersion or item "farming." Instances include areas that are entered via a dungeon sigil, and sublocations that feature solo boss fights (e.g. companion quest boss fights). A Gauntlet is an instance that restricts other players from teleporting into the dungeon.

Stormgates - Travel Between Worlds

You spot a churning whirlpool up ahead as you sail your ship through the Skyway, but what is it? Your ship is sailing through a magical Skyway instead of the ocean, and that's no whirlpool.... it's a Stormgate!

Stormgates allow you to travel between different worlds on the Windlanes of the Spiral. This ethereal experience is completely unique in your Pirate's travels. Want to experience the Stormgate yourself? Finish the Main Quests in Skull Island and then sail through its splendor to a brand new world...

Each successive Stormgate will require a different color Windstone in order to travel through it. Main quests will direct your Pirate to the correct Windstone needed to progress to each World in turn. The first Windstone pirates acquire is the Violet Windstone, which allows travel to Monquista. Once a pirate has traveled through the Stormgate, the Transportalers will become available for faster access to unlocked Worlds.

While sailing through a Stormgate, straying from the windlane can be dangerous! Pirates may encounter higher-leveled creatures or enemy ships. Players can also see the various Worlds moving through the cosmos around the Windlanes -- even Worlds that Pirates haven't yet ventured to -- like Krokotopia, Wysteria, Grizzleheim, and Polaris.

The Worlds of Pirate101:

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Skull Island
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(Icon) Portal Cool Ranch.gif
Cool Ranch
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(Icon) Portal Marleybone.gif
(Icon) Portal Aquila.gif
'Each World links to Locations, Creatures, and NPCs found therein!'

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