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Snack:Snack Classes

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What will your Pet Like or Love?

Pets generally LIKE snacks of one World Origin and one of the Classes below. If a snack is both the correct World and Class, the Pet will LOVE the snack.

Liking a snack means the pet will receive a +1 bonus to the Power (Icon) Power.png stat and +4 experience, Loving a snack will add +2 bonus to the Power (Icon) Power.png stat and +8 overall experience.

For example, Celestial Dragon pets seem to like MooShu World Origin and Main Course Snacks, and they love MooShu - Main Course snacks.
Universal snacks are liked by all Pets. Pets love Universal Snacks that are of the World Origin that they like.
The El Doreeto snack falls under two Universal classes so it automatically loved by all Pets.

Links to Snack Pages sorted by Class

Universal Snacks:

Main Courses

Side Dishes



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