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This template describes the different levels / stats of a single creature that occurs in one area. Creatures in different areas with generally different stats/drops get different pages; for example, Troggy Warrior (Skull Mountain) vs. Troggy Warrior (The Dark Jungle). When a creature has multiple pages, a disambiguation page will be set up (e.g. Troggy Warrior) to direct people to pages for the various creature incarnations.

Since creatures are in consistent groups of different types, there are not separate drop lists for each creature page. Drops will be stored on a chosen creature page from each group. Boss creatures will always be chosen for storing drops.

Use the Drops Template below this template for recording drops, or use the "dropother" variables to note which creature pages the drops are stored on. Bosses should be entered for the "dropother" variable of creatures that only only appear with that boss and other creatures that provide a drop list (i.e. they do not have their own drop list).

Field name Description   (fill in all that apply, leave blank if unknown)
world1 The world where the creature is encountered.   Use world2, etc., for additional locations.
location1 The location where the creature is encountered.   Use location2, etc., for additional locations.
subloc1 The sublocation where the creature is encountered.   Use subloc2, etc., for additional sublocations.
ship1 The name of the ship where the creature is encountered.   Use ship2, etc., for additional ships.
descrip Additional information pertaining to the creature.   (Optional)
boss Enter "Yes" if this creature is a boss.
minion1 The name of the creature that appears with this boss.   Use minion2, etc. for additional creatures.
class The creature's class   (e.g. Musketeer, Buccaneer, etc).
If different levels or versions have different classes, you can override class with class2, etc, for each version.
type The creature's type   (e.g. Troggy, Water-Mole, etc).
profession The creature's profession   (e.g. Slingman).
level1 The lowest level of this creature that is encountered.   Use level2, etc., for higher levels encountered.
caption1 Enter a box caption / title if needed.   Use caption2, etc., for higher level encountered.
health1 (Directly related to level1)   The creature's max health value.   Use health2, etc., for higher levels encountered.
ability1-1 (Directly related to level1)   The creature's first listed power or talent.
Use ability1-2, etc., for additional powers or talents to match level1. Use ability2-1, ability2-2, etc., for level2, etc.
quest1 The name of the quest that directly mentions this creature.   Use quest2, etc., for additional quests.
dropother1 If drops associated with this creature are stored on another creature's page, enter the name of that creature here.
Use dropother2, etc., for additional creatures. Drops for boss fights are always stored on the boss's page.
drop1loc For creatures with multiple dropother fields, enter the location/sublocation of the the dropother1 creature here.
Use drop2loc, etc. for additional locations.
end Enter "No" if this page has an individual drop list and dropother field entries (pages do not normally accommodate both).
| world1 = 
| location1 = 
| subloc1 = 
| descrip = 
| class = 
| type = 
| profession = 
| level1 = 
| health1 = 
| ability1-1 = 
| quest1 = 
| dropother1 = 


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