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Field name Description   (fill in all that apply, leave blank if unknown)
level Level of the Doubloon.
duration How long it lasts: # Rounds, Instant, or Permanent. No number next to the hourglass generally means Instant.
range The range:
"None" if there is no symbol in the upper right.
"#" or "Infinite" for Attack Powers with a dashed arrow in an arc, these allow no movement first.
"Movement-#" for powers that allow Movement first. (Movement-first powers have a solid arrow indicating a bouncing path)
actiontype The type of action. Damage, Magic, Healing, Boost, Curse, Manipulate
targettype Who it affects: Ally, Enemy, or Object. (Green, Red, Orange, respectively in the lower right of the card)
targetarea 1Square, Line, Plus, X, 9Square, Cone
eff1text From the Ability's full description, an initial text portion of the description.
eff1image An Image that follows the "eff1text" description.
Use eff2text, eff2image, eff3text, eff3image, etc., in sequence for additional description of the ability's effects.
trade Yes/No
boostpack1 Enter the booster pack this doubloon, use boostpack2, etc. for additional packs.
packbuyval1 Cost of the booster pack which has this doubloon. Use packbuyval2, etc. for additional packs.
world Group Plunder Chest Sources (not from creatures) are automatically displayed by level. If a Doubloon can be received from Any World enter "Any". If a doubloon cannot be received from Group Plunder Chests (not from Creatures) enter "No".
class Enter the class which must be involved in opening a Group Plunder Chest (not from creatures) in order to receive this doubloon. Use class2, etc. for additional classes.

Doubloon Types by Class:

Agility Doubloons: Musketeer & Swashbuckler
Strength Doubloons: Buccaneer
Will Doubloons: Privateer & Witchdoctor
Accuracy Doubloons: Musketeer
Dodge Doubloons: Swashbuckler
Spell Power Doubloons: Witchdoctor
Weapon Power Doubloons: Any
Armor Doubloons: Buccaneer
Healing Doubloons: Privateer
Jackrabbit Ju-Ju Doubloons: Swashbuckler
Magic Attack Doubloons: Witchdoctor
Magic Resistance Doubloons: Witchdoctor
Movement Doubloons: Any
Push Doubloons: Musketeer
Shield Wall and Tower Shield Doubloons: Buccaneer
Sluggish Doubloons: Swashbuckler
Summoning Doubloons: Any
Critical Boost & Treasure Bath Doubloons: Any
| level = 
| duration = 
| range = 
| actiontype = 
| targettype = 
| targetarea = 
| eff1text = 
| eff1image = 
| eff2text = 
| eff2image = 
| eff3text = 
| eff3image = 
| trade = 
| world = 
| class = 


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