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This template is used for Elixirs.

Field name Description (fill in all that apply, leave blank if unknown)
vendor1 The vendor that sells the elixir.
buyval The value required to buy the elixir in the below currency.
currency Currency used to buy the elixir, Gold or Crowns.
duration How long the elixir lasts; put instant and/or permanent for elixirs with instant and permanent effects.
eff1text The text description of the first elixir effect.
eff1image An Image to enhance the first effect's description.
Use eff2text, eff2image, eff3text, eff3image, etc., for additional description of the elixir's effects.
giftcard1 Name of the Gift Card or Bundle the elixir is available from.
| vendor1 = 
| buyval = 
| currency = 
| duration = 
| eff1text = 
| eff1image = 
| eff2text = 
| eff2image = 
| eff3text = 
| eff3image = 
| giftcard1 = 


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