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This template is for the details and stats of henchman purchased for additional help in game.

For Henchmen

Field name Description (fill in all that apply, leave blank if unknown)
class All henchman are 1 of the 5 classes, put the correct class of the henchmen here.
level The level of the henchman.
vendor The name of the vendor that sells the henchman.
buyval The cost of the purchase.
currency The currency of the purchase.
Stats by Level
str1 The base Strength this henchman has.
agil1 The base Agility this henchman has.
will1 The base Will this henchman has.
spellp1 The base Spell Power this henchman has.
acc1 The base Accuracy this henchman has.
dodge1 The base Dodge this henchman has.
armor1 The base Armor this henchman has.
res1 The base Resistance this henchman has.
dam1 The base Weapon Power this henchman does.
health1 The base Health this henchman has.
Ability (Powers and Talents) Lists
ability1 Name of the Power or Talent this henchman knows. Use ability2, etc., for additional abilities.

Abilities should be in the order of Epic Talents, Powers, Talents.

ability1type Whether ability1 is a Power, Talent, or Epic Talent. Use ability2type, etc., for additional abilities.
| class = 
| level = 
| vendor = 
| buyval = 
| currency = 
| str1 = 
| agil1 = 
| will1 = 
| spellp1 = 
| acc1 = 
| dodge1 = 
| armor1 = 
| res1 = 
| dam1 = 
| health1 = 
| ability1 = 
| ability1type = 
| ability2 = 
| ability2type = 
| ability3 = 
| ability3type = 
| ability4 = 
| ability4type = 
| ability5 = 
| ability5type = 


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