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Vendor sources for Housing items are listed automatically if they are entered correctly on the Vendor page.

Field name Description (fill in all that apply, leave blank if unknown)
type "Deed", "Plant", "Wall Hanging", "Walls and Floors", "Outdoor", "Furniture", "Decoration", "Trophy"
trade Yes / No
auction Yes / No
retired Enter "Yes" if this item is retired.
sellval The amount of Gold received from selling the item at a normal vendor.
inside For Deeds, the number of Housing Items you can place inside.
outside For Deeds, the number of Housing Items you can place outside.
worldd1 [Old] Previously used if item is dropped. No longer needed.
boostpack1 Name of the booster pack the item is available from. Use booster2, etc., for additional packs.
packbuyval1 The cost of the booster pack that has the item. Use packbuyval2, etc., for additional packs.
worldrw1 If a reward from a quest, the world of the quest. Use worldrw2, etc., for additional worlds.
reward1 Quests known to reward the item. Use reward2, etc., for additional sources.
badge If earned from a badge, put the badge name here.
giftcard1 Name of the Gift Card or Bundle the item is available from.
promotion Promotion details if the item was obtained during a promotion, holiday, event, etc.
indoor Indoor furniture limit
outdoor Outdoor furniture limit
board Enter "Yes" if these deed has a battleboard for PvP. Enter "No" if it does not.
| type = 
| trade = 
| auction = 
| sellval = 
| worldrw1 = 
| reward1 = 


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