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This template is for Hybrid Pets only.

For Hybrid Pets

Field name Description (fill in all that apply, leave blank if unknown)
Pet Details
eggname Egg Name of the First Generation Pet.
hatchd Number of days it takes for the egg to hatch.
hatchh Number of hours it takes for the egg to hatch.
hatchm Number of minutes it takes for the egg to hatch.
descrip A description of the pet can be entered here.
parent1a Name of First Pet of First Set of Parents or "Any" if any pet can be used. Use parent2a-parent4a for additional sets of parents.
parent1b Name of the Second Pet of First set of Parents. Use parent2b-parent4b for additional sets of parents.
morphable Enter No if this Hybrid Pet cannot be obtained by morphing with this pet.
likeorigin Enter the Snack World Origin that this pet Likes: Skull Island, Monquista, Cool Ranch, MooShu, Marleybone, Aquila, or Other.
likeclass Enter the Snack Class that this pet likes: Main Course, Side Dish, or Dessert.
like1-50 Enter the name of snacks that this Pet Likes.
love1-50 Enter the name of the snacks that this pet Loves.
unique1-25 Unique hybrids you can morph from this pet.
otherparent1a For unique1, the name of the other parent that produces the hybrid. Put "Any" if any pet will morph the hybrid. Use otherparent1b and 1c for extra parents that produce the same hybrid with this parent. Use otherparent2a etc for additional unique hybrids.
| eggname = 
| hatchd = 
| hatchh = 
| hatchm = 
| descrip = 
| parent1a = 
| parent1b = 
| likeorigin = 
| likeclass = 
| like1 = 
| like2 = 
| like3 = 
| love1 = 
| love2 = 
| love3 = 


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