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Field name Description (fill in all that apply, leave blank if unknown)
world Enter "Yes" if this is a WORLD, otherwise enter the name of the world this area is in.
skyway Enter "Yes" if this is an area traversed by ship.
location Enter "Yes" if this is a LOCATION with its own unique map, otherwise enter the name of the LOCATION that it connects to.
sublocation Enter "Yes" if this area does not include a unique LOCATION map (sublocations use a map of the previous LOCATION). If this is a sublocation with a map, enter "Map".
map2 Enter "Yes" to upload a second map (for special cases only).   Use map3, etc. for additional maps.
map1name If there are more than 2 maps, enter the name or purpose of the map here.   Use map2name, etc. for additional maps.
dock Enter "Yes" if this is a dock.
lifefountain Enter "Yes" if there is a life fountain in this location.
tavern Enter "Yes" if this is a tavern.
instance Enter "Yes" if this is an instance.
descrip Enter a basic description of the location. (Optional)
Most lists populate automatically. Information on the NPC, Creature, and related Location pages must be correct for this to work. The only exceptions are below:
connect1-20 LOCATIONS ONLY.   Enter other LOCATIONS (not worlds or sublocations) that connect to this LOCATION - in approximate order of when encountered.

Under rare circumstances, this may be used for Sublocations if a sublocation connects to another sublocation within a location.

stormgate1 For skyways, enter the name of the stormgate that is located here.   Use stormgate2, etc. for additional stormgates.
lev1creature1-lev20creature7 SUBLOCATIONS ONLY.   Enter the creatures that are encountered here. lev1creature1 is the first creature on level 1, lev2creature3 is the third creature on level 2.
lev1ship1-lev20ship5 SUBLOCATIONS ONLY.   Enter the enemy ships that are encountered here. lev1ship1 is the first enemy ship on level 1, lev2ship3 is the third ship on level 2.
lev1descrip-lev20descrip SUBLOCATIONS ONLY.   Enter a description for this particular area or enemy encounter (including puzzles, nearby items, etc).
wloc1-25 WORLDS ONLY.   Enter the LOCATIONS found within this WORLD.
| world = 
| skyway = 
| location = 
| sublocation = 
| instance = 
| descrip = 
| connect1 = 
| connect2 = 
| connect3 = 
| lev1creature1 = 
| lev1creature2 = 
| lev1ship1 = 
| lev1descrip = 
| lev2creature1 = 
| lev2creature2 = 
| lev2ship1 = 
| lev2descrip = 


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