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This template is used for Pet Gear.
Field name Description (fill in all that apply, leave blank if unknown)
descrip Description of Pet Gear provided on Card.
sellval The amount of gold you get for selling the Pet Gear at a normal vendor. Prices of pet gear sold at the bazaar are not taken into account.
auction If this item is No Auction, Enter "No".
sell If this item is No Sell, Enter "No".
req1-15 The name of Pet Activities this item is required for use in.
rew1-15 The name of Pet Activities that reward this item. If the item is provided randomly from various activities Enter: "Random".
reward1 The name of the Quest that rewards this item, use reward2, etc., for additional quest sources.
boostpack1 The name of a Booster Pack that may provide this item, use boostpack2, etc., for additional Booster Pack sources.
packbuyval1 The price of the booster pack.
companion Enter "Yes" if this piece of Pet Gear can be rewarded by the Companion Task "Pet Wranglin'".
spar Enter "Yes" if this piece of Pet Gear can be rewarded from Pet Sparring.
| descrip = 
| sellval = 
| auction = 
| sell = 
| req1 = 
| req2 = 
| req3 = 
| rew1 = 
| rew2 = 
| rew3 = 
| reward1 = 
| boostpack1 = 
| packbuyval1 = 
| companion = 


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