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This template is for player ships and the items that can be equipped on those ships. Items with no level restriction are level 1+.

Vendor sources are listed automatically if they are entered correctly on the Vendor page.

For Ship Items

Field name Description (fill in all that apply, leave blank if unknown)
type "Ship", "Anchor", "Armor", "Cannon", "Figure Head", "Rudder", "Sail", "Wheel", "Horn"
Ship Cabin Parameters
cabtype Enter Cabin Type here (e.g. Deluxe, Fancy, etc.)
mainlimit Enter Main Cabin Furniture Limit
Ship Item Details
origin The origin of the ship or shipitem - Pirate, Monquistador, Bison, Royal Navy, Samoorai, etc. Use "Any" for unaffiliated items.
level The nautical level restriction for the item, use 1+ for unrestricted items, 5+, etc., for other items.
trade Yes / No
auction Yes / No
sellval The amount you get, in Gold, for selling the item at a normal vendor.
size If a Ship, the size of the ship - Raft, Scow, Skiff, Frigate, Galleon, etc. Otherwise, the Size of Ship required to equip the item. If it has no size requirement, put "Any".
Stats for Ships
shiplevel Ships have a level of their own, independent of their level requirements; put that here.
accuracy Base Ship Accuracy.
defense Base Ship Defense.
armor Base Ship Hull Armor.
firerate Base Ship Firing Rate.
damage Base Ship Cannon Damage.
hull Base Ship Hull Integrity.
Ship Equipment Stat Bonuses and Powers/Talents
bhullrepair Hull Repair Rate bonus the item may provide.
bdamage Cannon Damage bonus the item may provide.
baccuracy Accuracy bonus the item may provide.
bhull Hull Intregity bonus the item may provide.
bdefense Defense bonus the item may provide.
barmor Armor bonus the item may provide.
bacceleration Acceleration bonus the item may provide.
bmaxspeed Maximum Speed bonus the item may provide.
bturnspeed Turning Speed bonus the item may provide.
bfuelspeed Fuel Boost Speed bonus the item may provide.
bfuelcap Boost to Fuel Capacity the item may provide.
bfueleffic Boost to Fuel Efficiency the item may provide.
ability1 Name of an Ability (Power/Talent) the item may provide. Use ability2, etc., for additional abilities.
ability1num If the item provides more than 1 of the Power/Talent, put that number here. Use ability2num, etc., for additional abilities.
Item Source
worldd1 [Old] Previously used if item is dropped. No longer needed.
boostpack1 Name of the booster pack the item is available from. Use booster2, etc., for additional packs.
packbuyval1 The cost of the booster pack that has the item. Use packbuyval2, etc., for additional packs.
worldrw1 If a reward from a quest, the world of the quest. Use worldrw2, etc., for additional worlds.
reward1 Quests known to reward the item. Use reward2, etc., for additional sources.
minigame If won from a minigame, put Yes.
badge If earned from a badge, put the badge name here.
giftcard1 Name of the Gift Card or Bundle the pet is available from.
partybarge Enter "Yes" if this item was received when turning in a quest on the Party Barge.
promotion Pirate101 Promotional Event that provides this item. If this Ship Item is only available during a holiday enter the appropriate Holiday event: Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Easter, Cinco de Mayo, Halloweeen, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Pirate101 Birthday.
retired If this Ship Item can no longer be obtained enter "Yes".
| type = 
| origin = 
| level = 
| trade = 
| auction = 
| sellval = 
| size = 
| shiplevel = 
| accuracy = 
| defense = 
| armor = 
| firerate = 
| damage = 
| hull = 
| bhullrepair = 
| bdamage = 
| baccuracy = 
| bhull = 
| bdefense = 
| barmor = 
| bacceleration = 
| bmaxspeed = 
| bturnspeed = 
| bfuelspeed = 
| bfuelcap = 
| bfueleffic = 
| ability1 = 
| worldrw1 = 
| reward1 = 
| promotion = 


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