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This template is for Snacks that are fed to pets following the completion of a Pet Training Activity.

For Snacks

Field name Description (fill in all that apply, leave blank if unknown)
origin World Origin of the snack, "Skull Island", "Monquista", "Cool Ranch", "MooShu", "Marleybone", "Aquila", "Other".
class Class of the snack, "Main Course", "Side Dish", "Dessert". If all pets like this snack enter "Universal".
rank Number value or rank of the snack.
stength Amount of Strength Provided by this Snack.
agility Amount of Agility provided by this Snack.
will Amount of Will provided by this Snack.
power Amount of Power provided by this Snack.
health Amount of Health provided by this Snack.
experience Amount of Experience provided by this Snack.
trade Yes/No
auction Yes / No
sellval The amount you get, in Gold, for selling the snack at a normal vendor. Only use if you can sell at a vendor.
Snack Sources
acquired1-acquired3 Acquisition information; Enter "Dropped", "Reward"(from a quest), "Bought". Enter "Bought" for booster pack source.
reward1-reward10 Quests that provide this Snack as a Quest Reward.
boostpack1-boostpack5 Enter "Bought" for the "acquired" field. Booster Packs that can provide this snack.
packbuyval1 Amount to purchase the Booster Packs, includes Number Value and Currency.
minigame Enter "Yes" if this snack can be rewarded from completion of a minigame.
companion Enter "Yes" if this snack can be rewarded from the Companion Task "Pet Wranglin'".
spar Enter "Yes" if this snack can be rewarded from Pet Sparring.


| origin = 
| class = 
| rank = 
| strength = 
| agility = 
| will = 
| power = 
| health = 
| experience = 
| auction = 
| trade = 
| sellval = 
| acquired1 = 
| acquired2 = 
<!---- Vendor and Creature source information displays automatically given acquired fields are entered correctly ----> 
| reward1 = 
| currency = 
| boostpack1 = 
| packbuyval1 = 
| minigame = 
| companion = 


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