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Use this template below the NPC Template on NPC pages for Ability Trainers.

Field name Description (fill in all that apply, leave blank if unknown)
world World the Trainer is in, use separate templates for lists that vary by world.
class The class that learns abilities (powers or talents) from this trainer for free.
classspec Put Yes for the list that is restricted but available to this class.
ability1 - ability50 The names of the abilities that you can train from the NPC.
level1 - level50 The minimum level required for each ability.
descrip1 - descrip50 Concise descriptions of each ability.
last If this is the last (bottom) template on the page, put Yes.
| world = 
| class = 
| ability1 = 
| level1 = 
| descrip1 = 
| ability2 = 
| level2 = 
| descrip2 = 
| ability3 = 
| level3 = 
| descrip3 = 
| ability4 = 
| level4 = 
| descrip4 = 
| ability5 = 
| level5 = 
| descrip5 = 


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